Friday, 15 January 2016


We are living in very evil days and chances of everyday compromising to the things of the evil one are so high.  Most of the time we know and other times we do not know.  The devil is a liar and he is the father of all lies and every evil that come our way is always schemed by him.  As a child of God we are called to be alert and attentive to what the Holy Spirit tells us.  But most of the time we are so busy and we do not even hear what he tells us. 

How can I be kept attentive while in this busy world full of all these dramas around us?  As someone pointed out, being a Christian is not easy and that is why many people fear getting Born Again because they feel they compromise so much and wonder if really they can make it in to be a Born Again Christians.  That is why most people love going to some particular Churches that do not speak a lot about salvation as they are convinced they cannot totally be saved.  And they chose to be luke-warm believers for many years and keep on being used by the evil one as agents to scheme the things of the evil one knowing and unknowingly.  This does not only happen to such Churches but even in the Churches where people profess salvation most of them hide there as you will never hear them talk about salvation nor mention about it.  They would rather keep it to themselves because they fear to be judged and judged so harshly.  Let me tell you the truth so that you come out of that cocoon of a lie from the evil one. Salvation is a free thing that has been given to all.  You only need to believe that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved.  How do you do that?  You confess with your own mouth and confess your faith that Jesus is your Lord and Savior.  The rest is history.  From there on God will be dealing with you and teach you many things that you do not know and even how to conquer this evil world and stand as a faithful one. 

Salvation is a process.  There is the accepting, then the acting and becoming.  You do not get born again today and you are all over doing might things and living a sinless life.  You are righteous because Jesus did it for you and that can only apply if you accept Him as your Lord and Savior.    As much as I know God has called many like this, that is, get born again today and the next day they are mighty, it is not a game or a thing of many.  The few God has chosen he gives them as an example that there is nothing that is impossible with our God.  But majority of us, it has taken us ages to really know and be who God called us to be through life experiences and the encounters that come our way, whether good or bad, and today we can openly say we are Born Again despite our weaknesses.  I am not blaming anyone here; I just want you to come out of that fear of professing who Jesus is in your life and do not be ashamed as much as you know you have one or two things that you are struggling with.  The moment you make a decision to accept Jesus as your Lord, he will help you overcome so many things or struggles in your life.  The more you refuse him, then the devil will always use your weakness to bring you down and continue using your weakness because, that is the tool he uses in you to continue staying in his kingdom knowing or not knowing.

No one should lie to you that, those people who are Born Again do not sin.  They do sin as the Bible recons all have fall short of the glory of God.  It does not matter who you are, where you are, or what you believe in.  We are all sinners and no one can prove me wrong not even one.  That is why I am boldly saying so.  I am Born Again and I am not an exception of being a sinner, so, I am not talking to someone else but to myself too.  So, why have I come out so strongly about the lies of the evil one and encouraging you to be on God’s side so that you can conquer this evil world? 

Today I woke up very jovial and I had this conversation with my son.  Actually he tells me, he loves the way I preach to him once in a while to an extent he tells me not to go to work we continue with the sharing.  I had a very good time with him where I shared with him about the Word of God and how God operates in our lives.  He was excited to know that God can allow us to fall so that we can be used of him in our weaknesses and I elaborated that so deeply to a point that he felt so comfortable confessing his sins to me, on how sometimes he is too judgmental especially to those who are godly children and fall off.  He asked me so many questions why would someone do something so bad and yet they are Born Again and I told him sometimes we fall not because God wants us to be punished, but because God wants us to know that we are human and we need him to help us overcome many things in this world. So when we sin, we face the consequences so that we do not go back to that sin and also help us become victorious and stronger in our walk with him to enable us teach others through our experiences. (Testimonies).

I left the house so late because of that sharing and headed to the hospital before reporting to work as I really needed to see a Doctor.  So when I arrived at the hospital because it was my first time there, I found the soldier on duty had blocked us going in the hospital to park inside the hospital and he directed me to park outside.  I was so excited that I got parking there and little did I know that parking was manned by the Nairobi City Council.  The soldier did not even warn me that the parking is not theirs, as a way of letting me know as a by the way as I had options, and so it went out like that, and I parked my car there.    

I got in and I was booked to see the Doctor and in the middle of our conversation with him, someone calls the Doctor and asks if I am the client who parked a car outside.  I confirmed I was and the Doctor allowed me to go out to sort out the issue.   I walked out so quickly because I knew if it was the City Council Askaris (Soldiers), then I will have a bad day if I do not co-operate.  Immediately I came out and they saw me, they rushed and cramped my car and told me to pay for the parking lot.  I tried to explain to them, I did not know the parking was theirs as I thought it was for the hospital. They did not even wait for me to finish the sentence but they started shouting at me and not giving me any chance to speak my heart out.   Especially the drank soldier who thought I will compromise and give him a bribe as he was coming next to me and talking things I could not hear.  His partner was giving him more energy to harass me and immediately I told them I will pay for the parking so they should calm down and help me pay for the parking. 

To my knowledge nowadays I understand you pay online and that was a new to me and I was kept up-to-date from my encounter and they took me through the procedure so uncooperative because their intention was I bribe them and I pretended I do not understand their language. They were so bitter I am not one of their clients who bribe them.  I finished the procedure and paid the City Council what is theirs.   I knew very well I was wrong and I had to pay for my default though I was innocent.  Thanks be to God I had the money not like other days when I do not have. 

I was set free and went in peace because I paid for the parking.  Most of the time, the devil will come to us in different ways to tempt us and see if we will compromise.  That was not the first time I dealt with those soldiers as the other time actually, they forced me to go and pay at their station and I will tell you it was not small money, but I had to cough it that painfully just because I refused to pay them a bribe of a lesser amount.  The devil is a liar and he will always want to pin you down.  But thanks be to God, he knew I will be put in such a scenario and that is why he made sure I had the money to pay for the parking and also not agree to bribe and keep my testimony. 

For sure I went asking myself so many questions why the Hospital Guard did not warm me because, if I was told, I would not be subjected to that fine.  All the same I kept on telling myself I should not blame anyone because once in  while the Lord will want to see if I am faithful and if what I profess is true by bringing my way such occurrences and if I truly mean my business, then he will reward me.  I know I will not get my reward immediately, but what God has in store for me for being faithful I will bear fruits.   We are living in very evil days and if we are not sensitive to the Holy Spirit to guide us, then we will keep on falling and falling and finally we will lose the track. 

My encouraging words to you today from my story is this, do not look at the traps the evil one sets for you, look at the victories you get after you have won over him through the power and wisdom of God through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I did not bribe and that makes me feel so proud and I can walk with my head high because I know the one who is inside me, is greater than the one who is in the world and he will reward me for diligently seeking him and keeping his Word.  What have you conquered today?  Can you share it with your friend/neighbour so that you encourage one another that it is possible to win our battles daily in this very evil world?  I am excited today, because I am a boss of myself as I can park anywhere in this town because I have paid the City Council.  It feels nice to afford paying for the City Council because that is a positive thing than to bribe because, when you bribe you encourage the evil one to continue tormenting and harassing you so that you compromise to his schemes because his schemes are not only about bribing but there are many others that we encounter daily.  Let me point out some common ones.  Saying a lie, that is the commonest.  Gossiping, adultery, fornication, stealing, bribing, disobedience, arrogance, ignorance, jealousy and many others.  Let us be alert and see where the devil likes hitting us hard because, those are our weak points that he tries to use to make us fall or be used of him knowing or unknowingly. 

May the Lord help you to stand until the end of the day and keep you well as you purpose to be used of him and live for him.

God bless you and have a wonderful weekend!

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