Thursday, 22 September 2011

Back to School Encounter!

God will intervene in all situations!

As it is always said, children are usually innocent and are called angles.  I acknowledge this though my son is not a toddler to be taken that innocent, but yesterday was a day that i was taking him back to school.  As much as our children will not air their sentiments, sometimes they speak to us through actions but we do not see or ignore to pay that attention. What am i talking about here?  Well, if you are a parent you will understand me and if not, through my experience you will try to understand your children or any other child that will be under your care and let them not suffer from your weakness.

Yesterday, the 6th of September 2011, was his school opening day and i did not understand why my son was reluctant to go back to school.  He kept on dilly dallying in the house just trying to put across a point that the school thing (opening) is boring and he was not into the idea of going to school but could not tell me since he knew if he said it, i would have been on his neck.

We all left the house including my little baby Calvin with the house help to bid Collins bye!  But funny enough, instead of Collins leaving the house first, he was the last one to leave.  So it occurred to him that since he was the last to leave the house, he should lock the house.  So he picked the padlock that did not have its key and just locked it without knowing where the keys were.   Innocently as i said, children do things unknowingly, Collins though because i had left him i must have carried the key because usually, am the one who looks the door as we go because of keeping the keys.   On the other side, i did not lock the door because i knew baby Calving and my house help were coming back immediately they reach down stars and that was not to take long so there was no need of locking the house.

We parted ways as usual and they bid him bye and i proceeded with him to school.  Not later than five minutes from our departure, my house help calls and tells me that Collins has locked the house and the keys were inside the house.  My first reaction was "What! Oh my!  what will i do and that was the only key?"  I disconnected the phone and turned to Collins. I behaved like a fool or someone who has never made a mistake.  I asked him "Surely Collins how could you lock the house without the keys?"  his response was "Mum, i thought you had them and you only wanted me to just pad lock it."  I looked at him with those eyes of What?  You cant be serious!  I asked him, "why dint you confirm?" I went on and on asking him questions that did not have answers forgetting that he did not do it intentionally and he had that mood of not wanting to go back to school as most children does on opening days.  I do not know exactly what was running in his mind because he just kept silent and listened to all what i was telling him. After sometime, i cooled down and reached town where i alighted from the car to do for him a back to school shopping.   Since i knew i had hurt him with my harsh words i bought him a bar of Chocolate to mend our friendship and assure him that i did not mean too, to hurt him and also make sure he does not go to school with that attitude that i do not love him.

To my amazement, he jumped with joy and said, "Mum, thanks"  i answered him and said, "surely you are saying thanks even before asking for forgiveness for locking the keys in the house"  and he responded, "Mum, am sorry and thank you for the shopping and the chocolate.  He could not imagine i could go out of my way and please him even when i was not happy with him.  But i was happy that we solved it at that and sort to forgive and forget about it.  I said in my heart i will solve that key problem when i reach home.

We reached school and i bid him bye afters i left him settled in school.  On my way back home, my house help calls me and i knew she was telling me they were still out side and still stranded.  To my surprise, she was calling me to tell me that God gave her wisdom to use a very long stick to pull out the key because it was hanged somewhere one could see from the window from outside.  I could not hold my joy i screamt aloud and thanked her for that brave and bright decision she made to secure the key.

Why have i shared this personal experience with you my dear reader?  It is to make you understand that we are not perfect and most of the time we judge very fast without even wanting to know why people do what they do to us. Some are usually very innocent.  But because they have no words to confront us because their wrong is usually very evident, we really pin them down and forget that we can also be in their situation.  Remember God knows every heart and the intention in all situation and he does not think the way we think or his ways are not our ways.  When you are innocent when you hurt someone He feels you and wishes your accuser could understand that you did not mean it and you were innocent doing that.  It is good for us brethren to understand that, our reaction on all what we are done for whether we reacted in a decent way or a bad way God loves us and He understands us.  What he hates, is when you chose not to forgive and hold grudges to people and pretend to Him that you are right when He knows you are wrong and He just wanted you to accept your mistake and live with others in harmony.

My son is a boy who really respects and does not answer back when am doing my silly chatter boxing.   He keeps cool.  Why?  Because he understand me better than anybody there out because i have not reacted that once or twice.  Am not trying to justify a wrong here, but to make you understand you have both good sides of you and bad sides of you and God knows them so well.  Remember the way you react in the house will be the same way you will react out there, and many will not understand you.  They will want to change you and make you look a fool in their eyes.  My point here is this accept your weakness and ask God to help you overcome them and heal you.

Today, point out all your weakness and strengths in your daily encounters and thank God for your strengths. In my case here my strength was forgiveness and assurance.  The Weakness was the harsh words that were not fruitful but humiliated my son.  I should learn to seek the Holy Spirit to minister to me before i utter any word even when things are not good.

It is important to treat others the way we should love to be treated, that is with love.  In this case i am now supposed to go back to school before it is too late and tell my son that they keys were found and our life is running smoothly as before and he does not have to live with the guilt that he did a big mistake.  We are all human being and we are bound to offend others but we should always seek to forgive when we are wronged.

Thanks i hope you have also learnt a lesson from my experience.  God bless you!