Monday, 7 April 2014


I was in Church one Sunday, and I was very happy and excited to serve as I am in the Guest Experience team. On my way to church, i was surprised there was so much fog something that i have not seen in the recent past.   I was scared to go on but i decided not to fear but drive slowly to my new church location.  This was a very exciting experience for me bearing in mind we were praying so much that we get a place of your own (church land).

I was with my son Calvin as usual and we had a beautiful ride to church.  We managed to be in church early by around 7.30 a.m.  I joined my team members and prayed as we did always before we started serving.  I was so happy one of our pastors thanked us all for the way we had volunteered to serve in church tirelessly.  That was so touching and I felt like serving forever because of the affirmation.   The sharing went on well and we were meant to go and serve accordingly.  Usually we are allocated duties/places to serve. 

I was the last person to be told where to serve, at the Creche’ (0-2 years and their parents).  I was so humiliated, the reason being; I love being allocated where I feel comfortable serving.   Besides, i was among the first people who arrived to church and i expect to be given the first priority to select where i wanted to serve.   Anyway, i just went to serve at the Creche'. When i say the Creche', i do not mean it is a bad place to serve, it was one of the least places i preferred serving.   In any case, we are supposed to serve everywhere in church.  Because God has always a reason why he places us where places us, for a certain period of time.  But most of the time we have our choices which we think works but we are supposed to ask God why we are placed where we are placed and if it is according to His Will.  

Anyway, instead of murmuring and feeling down, I decided to obey and went to serve at the Creche'.   I know I had a personal judgment that the evil one wanted to intimidate me and look down upon me.  I felt that way because i wondered, why me because i knew so people who have never served there but I am always allocated there.  It was not a very good take from me since I felt deep down my spirit someone is trying to play with my psychology and also intimidate me just because they see the passion in me to serve and the joy.  Despite all these negatives, I decided to listen to the voice of God that told me ‘Rose, go and serve there’. 

I grabbed my apparatus to go and serve at the Crèche.  As much as I obeyed God, still I felt that was not fair and immediately I started telling God what I exactly felt.  I told him I am feeling that this thing was done maliciously and I am not comfortable about it.  I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I found myself praying for the chairs that the parents will sit on.  I interceded for them all.  I went round praying and called unto the name of the Lord.  The Lord heard me and healed my pain instantly.  I took everything positively and I served with all my heart filled with the joy of the Lord! 

After I finished praying I told him, I am ready to be used of him there.    God is so faithful.   He told me exactly why I was sent there as much as I felt it was unfair.  While the worship was going on, the Lord kept on ministering to me and he told me he will tell me why he sent me there I told him I am waiting to hear from him.  I continued to worship and was filled with the Holy Spirit.  I was just crying and thanking God for that opportunity and i enjoyed his fellowship.  It was such a sweet time with my God!

After a while, I saw a very young man come in carrying a baby.  He somehow looked disturbed as to where he should sit.  Before I reached out to him as the usher on duty, he got a sit and sat with his daughter.   It did not take long, I saw him wake up, carry his daughter.  I wondered where on earth he was going because he had just arrived to church.  I just watched him and I saw him go right on the table where parents go to change their children diapers.  Remember this is a man.  He removed the daughter’s shoes, lifted her and placed her on the table changed her diapers.  He did it so well, you can imagine that coming from a man.  Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ‘I sent you to the crèche so that you tell him something to encourage him.  He is down and he has been searching for me.  He feels that I have forgotten him.  He has been very faithful in his family and things have not been well with him’.  I followed the instructions of the Holy Spirit and I followed the gentleman. I prayed that he would take the route that will enable me pass the message to him.  To be honest I noted he was taking a different route such a way that my mission would not have worked.  I prayed and told God to make him change his mind and to my surprise, he changed his mind and took the route that I wanted him to take so that I can pass the message.  I was so excited because that was the very conducive place to tell him what i was to tell him, because I wanted it to be a very private affair since the message was specifically meant for  him.

When I got to where he was he was shocked when I stopped him and he thought he did something wrong.  I just held his hand and told him what the Lord told me to tell him that, “The Lord has heard his cry and he will lift him and honour him because of his faithfulness.  I told him not to give up raising his daughter because he is raising a queen.  She will be used of the Lord and she will go very far.  The Lord is telling him not to give up but he will be restored and things will be good soon”.  To be honest the man was so touched and he hugged me as a sign of telling me that he agrees with what am telling him.  I do not know exactly what this man was going through, but my joy was that the Lord was able to use me because i obeyed him.  As much as it was unfair on my side, God had a reason for me to be there.  That was a very exciting moment and a fulfillment after the Lord used me.  

I was so excited when I realized that God had sent me there purposely to speak to that man’s life.  I do not know exactly what the man had told God and God used me to pass his message to him. I was so glad that the Lord allowed me to be used of him to serve him.  Brethren, let me tell you, do not think when someone tries to intimidate you and humiliate you in order to make themselves happy, God is not seeing.  He knows exactly what will happen.  Usually when we look at it in a human perspective, we feel bad and humiliated, but God uses that to glorify himself because in that humiliation, God wants to use you for his purpose.   If I declined or murmured may be I would lost that opportunity.   But because I listened to his voice he answered me and told me it is not about the intimidation but to be used of him.  After which he will elevate me and crown me for being obedient to his voice.    

Are you one of those people that people look down upon?  They just look at you and place you where you do not belong. Do not worry, pray for them and ask God to speak to you and be a blessing to others.   Most of the time we think these things happen in our place of work only, but they are all over.  In church, our life groups, different groups I can’t mention them all.   I want to encourage you that, the best thing to do in this world is to connect with God. He will make everything have a meaning even in a disappointment. When you walk with God he will fight all your battles and you do not need to be disappointed by anything.  You will understand when Romans 8:28  says, (And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose). 

God bless you and take it easy.  It is not about you but God!