Thursday, 28 January 2016


Most of the times when we want to hear the voice of God, we expect to hear a very loud voice that will make us attentive, either because it came with so much commotion or roaring like a lion to make us hear.   But on the contrary, most of the time the voice of God is a very small voice that will always be felt in your Spirit.  On very few occasion you will hear God speak loudly, because he speaks loudly through people and the nature and most of the time we miss out because of the many activities that are surrounding us and hinder us to hear.  For you to be connected to the voice of God, you must be born again because the Spirit of God lives in our hearts.  Having mentioned that, I do not mean if you are not born again, God does not speak to you.  

God is for all and that is why he created us human beings in his image.  He speaks to all of us in the natural way and that is why when he rains the rain, he does not rain it only to the Born Again Christians only, but rains the rain to all.  When he gives us the air to breathe, he does not do that to only those who believe in Him, but he does it to as all because he loved us even before we loved him.  John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”   God has given you a choice to make, either to love him by accepting his Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or reject Him by not believing in Him.  Simple!  The choice is yours because when you chose to accept Him, then most of the time He will be speaking to you in very loud and small voices through your heart, and he will always use you for his glory.  

To be able to hear His voice loud and clear even in the lowest volume, you have to be connected to him through the Word, Praise and Fellowship with others and His creation.  God is so real and so sweet.  Most of the time people think when you are Born Again you can never enjoy life because you are forbidden to do so many things that the flesh loves doing and that is why many have been imprisoned by the devil and do not want to have a personal relationship with Him.  That is a lie fashioned from the devil because, God has given us life in full to enjoy it while we serve Him even in our lowest moments.  When we are low or when we are passing through painful experiences or even when he forbids us to do some things, it does not mean that God has left us or does not want us to enjoy life.  God uses our painful experiences or what he forbids us,  in order to trust in Him; to believe in Him and to know He is the only one who can give us peace in our hearts and help us overcome all our storms and fears.  We are told that, in this world there are so many troubles and tribulations, but when you have Jesus in you, you are able to overcome them all through his power and guidance.  “1st Peter 1:6 In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.”

“John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  In this world, no one is special than the other.  We all face troubles and at the same time, we enjoy good times that come our way, though packaged differently for the glory of God.  That is why we should give thanks to God both in good or in bad because, whether we like it or not, God remains God and no one can change what he does because he is the Supreme Being.  The creator of both Heaven and the Earth and everything in it belongs to God.  So, God is everything to us whether we like it or not.  Isaiah 45:18 For this is what the Lord says-he who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth, he founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited-he says: “I am the Lord, and there is no other.”

The Holy Spirit is a person and we should all understand that.  People call him it.  Some knowingly others unknowingly, but today I want to clarify to you He is a Person.  Have you ever heard when someone is giving a story may be about an encounter and you hear them say, “Something told me”?  Yes! I am also fond of saying the same sometimes.  That which we call ‘something’, is no one else, but the Holy Spirit.     He speaks to all of us whether we know Him or not.  But for you to hear Him very clearly, you have to be connected to him through Jesus Christ the Son of God.  God is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  He speaks to us in His three dimensions that I have mentioned.  No one has seen God, but he came to us as a man and lived with us in the person of Jesus Christ.   Jesus went back to Heaven and God sent His Holy Spirit to walk with us on daily basis and that is why He lives in our hearts because, He was sent to be our helper, counselor, friend and many other aspects that we know about the Holy Spirit in the absence of God in the flesh.John 14:26 But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

“Philippians 2:6 Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.”

Last week I obeyed the Lord when he told me to wake up and go to see a doctor I had postponed to see for some months now and I did not know what he was up to.  I obeyed that voice because I was meant to go to work, but instead there was this small voice that kept on telling me to go to see the doctor.   I woke up and did exactly that and that day I had so many victories in the Lord.    First, I met this lady that I never knew before and from our fellowship I realized she is someone who knows about someone I really love and care about.  From what she shared with me about this person, I felt in my Spirit that the Lord wanted to confirm to me many things he has been telling me about this person and I should not give up on him but wait on Him.  I was so much in shock that someone that I had never met or known would tell me some important information about someone I care about and confirm the same since the Lord had spoken to me. I was so excited because the Lord spoke so loud through the woman as she confirmed to me so many things I had in mind in relation to this friend and wanted to know whether what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me was true or it was just my thinking and my way of seeing things.     

From our encounter we became friends and she told me I am a blessing to her because her Pastor had preached in their church that, in 14 days, they will meet their destiny connectors and for her, I am the person because the person i am talking about is someone very special in her life.  Reconnecting her with the person through our fellowship will be a very good thing because she is now my witness as all what will come to pass she will be among the people who will say, for sure that is God's doing and not a man's doing.  For me that is exciting.  This encounter reminds me of a story in the Bible in the Book of Acts chapter 8:26-40  where God sent Philip to go and meet the Ethiopian man.  Philip obeyed God and went and guess what, He wanted Philip to be the Ethiopian  destiny connector because he is the one who explained to him what Isaiah was meaning from the eunuch was reading and from that encounter, the eunuch received Christ and was baptized and the rest is History.  When she mentioned that to me I felt something in my heart that actually God has picked on me to be a blessing to her and not only her but to many that He will bring my way.  She told me to do something, that I had never planned to do in my life and I obeyed her words.  Of course as a human being we expect things to go your way, but we should be cautioned that things can never go our way, but God’s way and he will always guide us.  When I obeyed her and did exactly what she told me to do, not only did the Lord give me peace in my heart about what I am going through, but I got two major breakthroughs through divine connections that He brought my way through the channel of my special friend that I love and care about.   What am I talking about?  When you open your heart to be used of God and to listen to his voice, He will show you many things that you do not know and he will guide you.

As I write this, I am very excited to know that God cares so much about me more than my problems, and he is very ready to help me all through if I obey and listen to his voice.  Today, I can’t tell it all about my Lord because he has been a faithful and a loving friend.  When we chose God and all what pertains Him, he will always not put us to shame and he will always be there for us in everything we need. 

The world may not understand this because most of the time they look at us in the worldly eyes, but God looks at our hearts and he answers our prayers and our cries to him.  If we put our hope in him and trust in him, he will always meet us at our very point of need and he will come for us.  It does not matter what storms we are going through or what joys we have.  God is a good God and he is not a respecter of persons.  Acts 10:34  Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons”  He only wants us to obey him and be ready to be used of him at all times. 

Are you trusting God and waiting upon him? Do not lose hope or waiver.  God will come at the appointed time and he will meet you at the very point of your need. He will use all what it takes to reach out to you and come for you and deal with your needs.   He has done that for me in the past, he is doing it now and I know even in future he has already done it.  It is just a matter of time and all will come to pass for my good and for his glory.  I pray the same prayer to you that the Lord will meet you at the very point of your need and you will see his love and faithfulness because he is a good God.  Amen! 

May the Lord help you  always to  listen to his voice and hear it clearly whether in loud or small voices.  God bless you!

Friday, 15 January 2016


We are living in very evil days and chances of everyday compromising to the things of the evil one are so high.  Most of the time we know and other times we do not know.  The devil is a liar and he is the father of all lies and every evil that come our way is always schemed by him.  As a child of God we are called to be alert and attentive to what the Holy Spirit tells us.  But most of the time we are so busy and we do not even hear what he tells us. 

How can I be kept attentive while in this busy world full of all these dramas around us?  As someone pointed out, being a Christian is not easy and that is why many people fear getting Born Again because they feel they compromise so much and wonder if really they can make it in to be a Born Again Christians.  That is why most people love going to some particular Churches that do not speak a lot about salvation as they are convinced they cannot totally be saved.  And they chose to be luke-warm believers for many years and keep on being used by the evil one as agents to scheme the things of the evil one knowing and unknowingly.  This does not only happen to such Churches but even in the Churches where people profess salvation most of them hide there as you will never hear them talk about salvation nor mention about it.  They would rather keep it to themselves because they fear to be judged and judged so harshly.  Let me tell you the truth so that you come out of that cocoon of a lie from the evil one. Salvation is a free thing that has been given to all.  You only need to believe that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved.  How do you do that?  You confess with your own mouth and confess your faith that Jesus is your Lord and Savior.  The rest is history.  From there on God will be dealing with you and teach you many things that you do not know and even how to conquer this evil world and stand as a faithful one. 

Salvation is a process.  There is the accepting, then the acting and becoming.  You do not get born again today and you are all over doing might things and living a sinless life.  You are righteous because Jesus did it for you and that can only apply if you accept Him as your Lord and Savior.    As much as I know God has called many like this, that is, get born again today and the next day they are mighty, it is not a game or a thing of many.  The few God has chosen he gives them as an example that there is nothing that is impossible with our God.  But majority of us, it has taken us ages to really know and be who God called us to be through life experiences and the encounters that come our way, whether good or bad, and today we can openly say we are Born Again despite our weaknesses.  I am not blaming anyone here; I just want you to come out of that fear of professing who Jesus is in your life and do not be ashamed as much as you know you have one or two things that you are struggling with.  The moment you make a decision to accept Jesus as your Lord, he will help you overcome so many things or struggles in your life.  The more you refuse him, then the devil will always use your weakness to bring you down and continue using your weakness because, that is the tool he uses in you to continue staying in his kingdom knowing or not knowing.

No one should lie to you that, those people who are Born Again do not sin.  They do sin as the Bible recons all have fall short of the glory of God.  It does not matter who you are, where you are, or what you believe in.  We are all sinners and no one can prove me wrong not even one.  That is why I am boldly saying so.  I am Born Again and I am not an exception of being a sinner, so, I am not talking to someone else but to myself too.  So, why have I come out so strongly about the lies of the evil one and encouraging you to be on God’s side so that you can conquer this evil world? 

Today I woke up very jovial and I had this conversation with my son.  Actually he tells me, he loves the way I preach to him once in a while to an extent he tells me not to go to work we continue with the sharing.  I had a very good time with him where I shared with him about the Word of God and how God operates in our lives.  He was excited to know that God can allow us to fall so that we can be used of him in our weaknesses and I elaborated that so deeply to a point that he felt so comfortable confessing his sins to me, on how sometimes he is too judgmental especially to those who are godly children and fall off.  He asked me so many questions why would someone do something so bad and yet they are Born Again and I told him sometimes we fall not because God wants us to be punished, but because God wants us to know that we are human and we need him to help us overcome many things in this world. So when we sin, we face the consequences so that we do not go back to that sin and also help us become victorious and stronger in our walk with him to enable us teach others through our experiences. (Testimonies).

I left the house so late because of that sharing and headed to the hospital before reporting to work as I really needed to see a Doctor.  So when I arrived at the hospital because it was my first time there, I found the soldier on duty had blocked us going in the hospital to park inside the hospital and he directed me to park outside.  I was so excited that I got parking there and little did I know that parking was manned by the Nairobi City Council.  The soldier did not even warn me that the parking is not theirs, as a way of letting me know as a by the way as I had options, and so it went out like that, and I parked my car there.    

I got in and I was booked to see the Doctor and in the middle of our conversation with him, someone calls the Doctor and asks if I am the client who parked a car outside.  I confirmed I was and the Doctor allowed me to go out to sort out the issue.   I walked out so quickly because I knew if it was the City Council Askaris (Soldiers), then I will have a bad day if I do not co-operate.  Immediately I came out and they saw me, they rushed and cramped my car and told me to pay for the parking lot.  I tried to explain to them, I did not know the parking was theirs as I thought it was for the hospital. They did not even wait for me to finish the sentence but they started shouting at me and not giving me any chance to speak my heart out.   Especially the drank soldier who thought I will compromise and give him a bribe as he was coming next to me and talking things I could not hear.  His partner was giving him more energy to harass me and immediately I told them I will pay for the parking so they should calm down and help me pay for the parking. 

To my knowledge nowadays I understand you pay online and that was a new to me and I was kept up-to-date from my encounter and they took me through the procedure so uncooperative because their intention was I bribe them and I pretended I do not understand their language. They were so bitter I am not one of their clients who bribe them.  I finished the procedure and paid the City Council what is theirs.   I knew very well I was wrong and I had to pay for my default though I was innocent.  Thanks be to God I had the money not like other days when I do not have. 

I was set free and went in peace because I paid for the parking.  Most of the time, the devil will come to us in different ways to tempt us and see if we will compromise.  That was not the first time I dealt with those soldiers as the other time actually, they forced me to go and pay at their station and I will tell you it was not small money, but I had to cough it that painfully just because I refused to pay them a bribe of a lesser amount.  The devil is a liar and he will always want to pin you down.  But thanks be to God, he knew I will be put in such a scenario and that is why he made sure I had the money to pay for the parking and also not agree to bribe and keep my testimony. 

For sure I went asking myself so many questions why the Hospital Guard did not warm me because, if I was told, I would not be subjected to that fine.  All the same I kept on telling myself I should not blame anyone because once in  while the Lord will want to see if I am faithful and if what I profess is true by bringing my way such occurrences and if I truly mean my business, then he will reward me.  I know I will not get my reward immediately, but what God has in store for me for being faithful I will bear fruits.   We are living in very evil days and if we are not sensitive to the Holy Spirit to guide us, then we will keep on falling and falling and finally we will lose the track. 

My encouraging words to you today from my story is this, do not look at the traps the evil one sets for you, look at the victories you get after you have won over him through the power and wisdom of God through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I did not bribe and that makes me feel so proud and I can walk with my head high because I know the one who is inside me, is greater than the one who is in the world and he will reward me for diligently seeking him and keeping his Word.  What have you conquered today?  Can you share it with your friend/neighbour so that you encourage one another that it is possible to win our battles daily in this very evil world?  I am excited today, because I am a boss of myself as I can park anywhere in this town because I have paid the City Council.  It feels nice to afford paying for the City Council because that is a positive thing than to bribe because, when you bribe you encourage the evil one to continue tormenting and harassing you so that you compromise to his schemes because his schemes are not only about bribing but there are many others that we encounter daily.  Let me point out some common ones.  Saying a lie, that is the commonest.  Gossiping, adultery, fornication, stealing, bribing, disobedience, arrogance, ignorance, jealousy and many others.  Let us be alert and see where the devil likes hitting us hard because, those are our weak points that he tries to use to make us fall or be used of him knowing or unknowingly. 

May the Lord help you to stand until the end of the day and keep you well as you purpose to be used of him and live for him.

God bless you and have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Every time I wake up in the morning, I have no clue of what God has in store for me.  The Rose you know who really preaches for you these much, is not as prayerful as you may think. I am this one woman who wakes up in the morning and I am clueless of what God has in store for me.  I have no this routine that I wake up, get my small mat, read the Bible, pray and bless my day.  This woman you see here struggles with routines and doing the same things every day.  I love doing things differently and that is why I do not have a fixed quiet time.  I love my quiet time at night when everything is quiet.  As much as I struggle with sleep that is my best time and I would rather just do a small quiet time but something impact full. 

I love and admire people who wake up early, at 3.00 a.m. to pray.  I have a lady friend who tells me she wakes up at night at 3.00 a.m. and leaves her husband sleeping to pray.  This girl just amazed me with this testimony and to be honest I will not lie to you, I need such a husband who will help me in that line.  Waking up early in the morning to pray, that is a gift for me because, since I got born again, I have always struggled with that.  Anyway, my point here today is, it does not matter how you do your morning devotion or evening devotion, my point here is, when you do all that, do you put it into practice?  You see, it is good to be used of God fully in a daily basis because God uses us in so many ways.  He does not judge us and take us as Holy as thou, He knows our weaknesses and that is why he compliments us with people, especially giving us husbands or wives who have what we do not have and gives them from us what we have and they do not have. 

I would love to be waking up at 3.00 a.m., to pray, but I wish I had that person who would encourage me to do that.  For sure it needs the grace of God.  I am not complaining but telling God to do something for me because on my own, I cannot.  I need that someone!  God is a faithful Father I know He has heard my prayer.  Amen!  Thank you Jesus! 

Anyway, today,  I wake up and decide not to go to the office as the normal way, and I decided to go to town to buy this “Dawa ya panya”  in other words, “Rat poison”  There are these rats that have given us hell on earth in our house.  We have tried to get rid of them and now it looks like a nightmare.  My elder son told me yesterday that we have to do something about these rats or else they will even eat us.  To be honest they are really giving us hell on earth.  Where they came from we do not know because we have lived in this house for more than 10 years and we have never had such an issue of rats.  But this time round, I feel like they have been sent to terrorize us.  Lord have mercy on us!  I took a mat to town and found myself at an Agro Chemist and bought the rat poison and decided to drop something to an office in town.  After that, I decided to visit a friend and just say hello as he has been saying hello to me in an abnormal way.  (as in we are not very close friends and this act is not a normal thing for me)

What am I talking about?  Well, this is a guy who may be, admires me from a far and in recent past he has been calling me and wishing me all the best.  Naturally, I am one of these women if you are a man you call me, I will judge you instantly.  As in, why are you calling me?  What debt do I have for you?  And many other questions will come my way just to know, why this man would call me once, twice, thrice and so on?  This is because of …….  That is a story for another day, but please guys do not be scared of me because as much as I talk like this, I need a man in my life but not just a man.  Yes, I said not just a man.  God knows.  Anyway, this guy has been calling me so many times and today I said let me just go and visit him and hear what he will tell me.  Of course I am blank on what to expect but on the other hand, you can guess the obvious! 

I know you are all wondering I am talking about someone in public.  One thing I know, he does not read my blog, we are not friends on Facebook and no one on this planet knows I talked to him but only him and God.  So stop fearing for him and saying that I am a bad girl I am talking about someone.  Remember I have not mentioned any name, and on this earth I never mention names, I just use my stories as illustrations to help people understand what I am talking about.  Please do not take any offence with my story but get my point.  I love my friends so much and I always wish them well and I pray for them for your information. But if there is one thing I love, is keeping peoples issues and lives to myself and God.  This is because I have been a victim of being bad mouthed by my haters and I have never loved that.  I know it is not good to talk about other people but I want you to understand, I am not talking about anybody here, I am must using my encounter as an illustration to pass my message in good faith. 

I will shock you, after I met him, he did not even show me any clue that he wants me, but he just wanted to say hello (remember I just told you I judge people especially men who call me).  Lord forgive me.  I sat next to him and this guy starts telling me his stories how he has lived in darkness, the things he has done in the past that are not good and many not positive things. Now what shocked me more is the fact that he had received Christ as His Personal Savior long time ago, but he has never had any relationship with Him even a single day.  What he remembers is that, he did confess Him and that was it.  His story just amazed me that God can spare his life these much, and he has not told the world his testimony and has nothing to do with the Lord.  I asked him why can’t he rededicate his life to Christ and see how much he will be blessed, and how things will change in his life for better, and he told me, the only thing that makes him not have anything to do with us Born Again Christians and Salvation is that, we do not accept people who are polygamous and he does not entertain us.  To my surprise he told me he goes to a Church that I love so much and I was shocked he can be in such a Church and live the life he is living.  " But i doubted him as i felt inside my heart, that he was just telling a lie that he goes to that Church"   I doubted him because there is no way one can be in such an impact full Church and remain the same.  Unless he has a very hard heart for sure.  

Then immediately the Holy Spirit started whispering to me, you should bring him back to my Kingdom and immediately I started the evangelism thing.   When i say evangelism thing, i do not mean i started condemning him and calling him names.  No!  I started first thanking him for his testimony and related  his life with a changed life through Christ basing on the Word of God.  My friend, all what I was hearing from him was sweet and good story to me, but when it was my turn to tell him what was in my mind, everything changed as I was telling him about God; how he can restore him and make him whole again and change his life.  I told him he should not look at the past but look at the future.  The past is gone and behold  the new has come and he needs Jesus like never before.  Let me tell you, immediately I started telling him all that, he had some work on his desk that he was not doing when I was listening to him, but now that I was talking to him, he had all the time to work at the same time listen to me but i realized he did not pay any attention to me.  

Today, I confirmed men do not multitask.  His mood changed, and he could not listen to what I was telling him.  He starting moving in and out and I just sat there waiting for him to settle down I continue with my evangelism, but I hit a rock, as I was talking to myself.  What!  The guy had nothing to do with me anymore and he became so busy.  I told him, “I want to leave that time I report to work as I had not even reported to work.”  He responded to me very fast before I even finished my statement and said “Let me release you, go well, we will talk later” With those few remarks, I left his office not feeling so nice because of the rejection. 

Then I asked the Lord, “Now, that is what you wanted me to do?”  Then the Lord told me in a soft voice, “You have just finished your mission, you have planted the seed and someone will water it, another one will take care of it and I will grow it.”  I felt encouraged and thanked the Lord that He sent me to talk to the man.  

As I am writing this,  the Lord reminds me of these two ladies I also met in an office before i visited this friend am talking about, whom i really encouraged after i found them in this big office, whereas they have been in a wilderness for like 2 years now, in relation to their work place.  And today I found them together in this big office after they were separated for two years and have suffered like hell in different offices where they had not settled, and I encouraged them and told them that, I see their God lives and He is a living God if for sure, such a time they can be in such an office.  I was really encouraged to see them together in this big office.  Do you know what the Lord told me? I am soon also coming to Canaan from Egypt and that point was so profound  to me because, if their God can come for them, then what about me?  I have been in the wilderness for 5 years now in relation to my work, but now I am convinced that, my God is also coming he will restore for me all what the locust have eaten and the years lost.  I am encouraged to listen to him and serve him where I am and not to wait until he blesses me. 

You know I am a woman of many words, if I do not stop here I might write and write and write.  But I want to encourage you servant of God.  You have done what you need to do as a child of God, do not get tired serving God.  If he sends you here or there, do not ask Him questions, be ready to be used of him and leave everything to him because He is God and all things work together for good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose.  Do not give up even when you share the Good News and people just shun you.  Just do your part and leave the rest to the Lord.  Be encouraged in the Lord and wait upon him.

For you who do not know Christ as your Lord and Saviour, will you give him a chance in your life to be your Lord and Savior?  If you slipped a bit and you want to rededicate your life to Christ, please do so because God is waiting for you, to bless you, to give you a new beginning and to restore you by replacing all what the evil one has stolen from you and crown you with His glory until you will be a story to be talked about.  What are you waiting for?  Please come to the Lord and your life will never be the same.  I will not get tired praying and sharing the Word with my friend that I was talking to this morning because I know one day he will accept the message of salvation.  And it is my prayer that I will always use the opportunity that God gives me to serve him because opportunities are always with us, it’s only that we are ignorant or we do not listen to the Holy Spirit. 

As I conclude, let me bless you and say, may the Lord bless you and keep you.  May He speak to you always and help you  live for Him and He may he never put you to shame but lift you and crown you with is Love and Glory. In Jesus Name i pray.  Amen!

Be blessed and have a lovely time.