Thursday, 13 February 2014


I have put across that question as my topic because of late; I have come to realized we are all struggling with what we found like Families, Religions, Clans, Community and so forth which we can never change in relation to their formations and how they came about.  But we can only change who we are to be what God intends us to be.  That is if we will only believe and obey our God. 

Today in the morning when I was going to work I was just having a conversation with the Holy Spirit.  Most of the time when I have a conversation with Him, He tells me so many things and I ask Him if He is really for real?  When I talk like that, you will wonder if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.  But for those who profess the same (Jesus as their Lord and Savior), will never wonder because He is in us and we always communicate with Him day in, day out, as long as we have a fellowship with Him. 

I asked Him, now that I have received Christ and He is in me why do I, most of the time find myself doing the wrong things that I have always wanted to stop or I have always prayed I will never want to do them?  Then, He told me, you are forgetting it is not about you, but about me (JESUS). Ohh yes!  He knew why He had to die on the cross for you and me.   That is very simple, because I was born of the sinful nature, but he conquered all that by dying for me and thus I am made righteous in him and not the works, my family background, my religion or whatever it is that will make me sinless.  Most of the time we mix these things and we totally get confused.  We should always understand it is not about us, but about Him always.  You are made holy and blameless for JUST receiving Him and accepting Him as your Lord and your Personal Saviour.   What am I talking about when I say for JUST?  Because it is just a matter of receiving Him and confessing with your mouth that He is Lord, He died for your, He rose again and He is in heaven with His father and you believe in Him and you accept him as your Lord and your Saviour.  That is what I mean.  JUST!  So receive him and make him your Lord and your life will never be the same.

I know many of us Christians we struggle with our sins and we wonder, is really God on our side?  Does He really care about us?  Why would He make us go through what we go through by falling and pains yet He is just watching?  Remember it is not about you.  It is about Him.  Even when you live a Holy Life and you never sin, do not think it is about you, but about Him.  You may think you made yourself not sin and you are the best, but let me tell you, it is not you but Him who made you just the way you are as Holy and sinless person, for His purpose and Glory.  That is why He can make you Holy and make the other one a sinner but a sinner who is in Him because it is through that weakness that He will save many just the way He saved us all (human kind) by dying for us on the cross to save us all.  After all He knew you will be falling here and there, but He will always uplift you and make you whole as you continue with the journey of righteousness.  The only difference is that if you do not receive Him, then you will die of your sins and if you receive Him He has died for your sins and you are set free and called his Righteous, Saint, Holy, Son, Warrior, because of his Righteousness and Him being the Saint who covers all your sins.  That is why he will give you many chances and enable you reach your righteousness as He molds you and makes you to be what He wants you to be and for His purpose and not yours at all.  So am I meaning you go round sinning because He has died for me and my sin is covered?  That is not what am trying to say.  I am saying, He knows us from the day we were born and He knows all what will befall us whether good or bad, but because we are in Him, if we fall, he will lift us and encourage us and help us out.  If we win our battles and walk in His Righteousness as He is making us righteous, He will make us a Holy Nation, Holy Church and His Kingdom will reign forever! 

I know you are asking and saying, I wish Rose, you would understand what you are talking about because you are taking and talking it so casually and you do not know what I have done in my life and the fall in sin and thus I can’t face the Lord.  I know what you are talking about, I have been there not once not twice not even thrice and I am yet to, but I will just encourage you and tell you, repent and ask God to help you because it is not about you.  Tell, Him exactly what you are going through and what you are struggling with.  He will give you ideas and comfort that you have never imagined.  He will walk you through that struggle as long as you are acknowledging it to be a weakness and you are working out about it (i.e that you do not paint it to be a good thing or you are not justifying it). 

Rose, do you imagine being a married person and I have a mpango wa kando? Do you imagine being given some imprest to run in the office and I just surrender them using fake receipts? Do you imagine going for a safari and am given fuel for the car of around hundred thousand shillings and spend only twenty thousand shillings and I pocket the remaining amount and surrender it as if I spent everything?  Can you imagine my husband waking up in the morning and giving no money and I get something from my boss because I sleep with him for such favours of money and promotions  There are so many things we do behind the curtain and yet we profess Christ as our Lord.  We are ashamed and we just put Jesus aside and not have that personal relationship because of our sins that lag us behind in relation to our Lord.  I know what you are feeling because you are not an exceptional.  I am one of you.  But I will share with you what I have decided to do as a child of God with all these sins surrounding me.   Just be in Church, serve him the way you are and walk with Him as He sorts you out.  You can’t be serious Rose!  I will tell you that I am very serious because unless you have a personal relationship with Christ, you can never grow in your salvation life.  You will always pose that you are waiting for the day you will stop doing one or two things that you are strugging with, such us fornication, drinking, worshipping money, lying, stealing e.t.c that is when you will accept and serve Him.  That will never happen (being good and righteous) you will just die and go to hell straight unless you accept Christ and have a personal relationship with Him.  You just need to surrender and acknowledge you are a sinner and you need Him like yesterday so that He can make your future a good future that will lead you to his Holiness and see Him at the end of it all.  If you do not do that, then, you will be that baby who will be talking milk through out your entire life of your salvation and you will end up falling for good and going back to where you came from that is not knowing Christ as your Lord.    For you to go to the next level, you have to have a personal walk with Christ whereby He will make you understand, sometimes He will allow you to be in that wrong relationship, because He wants you to understand, you were running to that relationship thinking you will have it all, but you see, that is not what you wanted or it is not what you thought it will be.  Rememember I am your God, I will help you go through it in peace and I will reconcile you with me as you continue conquering other issues.  Lord, are you serious you can remove me from all these mess?  That is a wrong marriage? A state of poverty?  A state of hopelessness?  A state of loneliness?  Come and reason with me dear Lord if you can do all these things for me.  The Lord will do exactly what He says He will do.  He has given us so many promises in his Word.  He is not a man to lie to us and He is not a respecter of any person.  Remember good and bad belong to Him and everything both on Earth and  in Heaven are all His and He has all the right to do what He wants to do with them.  HE IS GOD!

What are you talking about Rose, you mean God can make me kill, steal, fear, not believe in Him, and all sort of things and still accept me?  I will tell you, you have always done all these things knowing and unknowingly and He has always defended you and played it safe for you and you never see because your eyes are closed.  We always see the things that happen in real sense and we are all over condemning and calling people names forgetting we are all like them.  We can all kill, steal, fornicate, be adulterous and so forth and on.  It is only God who has helped you not to be like them.  Not that you are not capable!  But if God allowed you my friend, you will be shocked on the things you can do and just imagine if you could do them.  Sometimes the Lord will allow you go through them so that you will understand that it is not about you but about Him enabling you not to.

Can you imagine God hardening the heart of Pharaoh so that His Will can be done in relation to his children (Israelites)?  Can you imagine God using a prostitute like Rahab to save His people and thus saving her life and entire family?  I can’t mention them all but if you read the word you can imagine of all those stories recorded to encourage me and you. Can you imagine His servant Moses Killing the Egyptian and still call him his righteous and call him his servant.  Can you imagine David a man after His Heart Killing Uriah’s wife and taking his wife to be his wife and she becomes one of His lineage? Are you seeing my point or you are still hardening your heart?    

When I look at the Bible, I see a lot happening in the World of today just as it happened in the days of Old Testament.  But most of the time we like quoting verses that really marry with what we want to hear and try to make us so Holier than thou and thus we know very well that we are all created for God’s purpose otherwise we are all living by the Grace through faith as well as those who lived in those days it is God who chose them and walked with them.  There is no where we are made whole besides in Jesus Christ the Son of God.  We are all sinners and we have been in short of His Glory in one occurrence or the other and we are yet to be made whole.  The thing here is that He is making us reach to our perfection by having a Personal Relationship with us where by He will walk with you personally and not with your community, clan, family, wife, children or whatever.  Remember you came alone on this earth and you will go alone to face Him alone.  You will not say, it’s because my father was a drunk that I did not know you Lord!  You will not say because my aunt took me to the witchdoctor that is why I did not know you.  Because I belong to this clan that does not believe on anything you talk about God that I did not know you.  You will not say because in our religion we just worship on Sunday or Saturday and that is why I could not have a personal relationship with you Lord. No!  The Word has been preached, it is being preached, and it will live forever.  You only need to make a choice whether you want to receive it or you want to reject it.  The word is no one else but JESUS CHRIST the SON of GOD!

Remember as long as you profess Christ as your Lord and Saviour, it does not matter which church you go.  Whether you are an SDA, Pentecostal, Anglican, PCEA, Baptist whatever church you belong.  Those are just segments that enable you reach out to God and have a fellowship with other brethrens in relation to where you received the Word.  Either you stuck there or you moved around only to find that they are all talking about the same God it’s only that they differ in their styles and traditions of doing things.  We are all one Church, lead by one KING and that is no one else but JESUS CHRST OUR LORD. 

What am I saying, I am saying, please have a personal relationship with Christ and you will be shocked the revelations He will be giving you in your daily walk with Him.  He will be giving you directives and give you answers in even very little things that do not make sense, to very big things that still does not make any sense but just make you understand that He is GOD.  When you listen to His voice and hearken to Him thus have a personal relationship with him, you will never want to have another friend but Jesus Christ as one who will never fail you, offend you, advertise your weakness, who will keep your secrets, who will be your guide, protector, defender and many more that He will do to you. 

Friends, let me encourage you that it is not about you but Him who is in you and He is greater than the one who is in the world. 

God bless you and I hope I have encouraged you.