Thursday, 20 June 2013


Sometimes listening to the voice of God is usually very hard.  Some instructions he gives us they look so weird and we wonder if that was truly God speaking or someone else.  In the recent past I have been desiring to know God more and to go deeper with His things than I was doing before.  I thank God I am winning some of my battles that have hindered me go to my next level.  I have been stagnant for long and that has always disturbed me.  But from my storms, I always learn one or two things about what God wants me to do from that storm.  My latest storm has made me learn that I should always depend on God always or fully. He has also taught me to learn to be patient and wait for him to do his will.  This has not been very easy with me because of lack of patience!

Where do you place your God?  Do you just remember him when you are in need?   But when you are enjoying yourself you forget the same God who has been fighting your battles and thus that is why you are enjoying your life?  You hear others complaining and murmuring how things are not going well on their side and you wonder which God do they pray?  Thank God that you are doing that well and you are really enjoying yourself, but I hope down deep down your Heart you fully depend on God so that when the storm comes and you lack the peace and joy you are enjoying you will be able to overcome because a time will come when you will face a storm that will shake you to remind you that you fully belong to God and you will always depend on him.  I am not scaring anyone here but I am trying to encourage myself that storms will never seize to be, but I will always overcome them if I will be with my Lord.  When you are alone or when he is far away the storm seems to be too big to handle because of where we place our God. 

Why am I saying this?  Last week, I was called to play a part in something that a friend of mine was trusting God for.  To be honest I also heard God and I really put all my efforts in all manner to see the person succeed not putting aside money input.  And I remember I kept on praying and seeing this thing coming out positively and all will be well with us all who were involved. 

It was not a very easy thing to do especially with people of our caliber, but we really worked hard all of us to make this thing work out for us because if it did, things would have turned around for us and the world would have been left agape!  But guess what, things did not turn our way and our hearts sank.  But something funny even as our hearts sunk, we did not believe that things have not gone our way.  It was hard, bearing in mind we had really done all what it took to get it and my friend missed it just because of something that the panelist  did not know about him but just judged without consulting him for clarification.  They took it to be a lie and they did not even want explanation for the clarification but rather shunned him and put him off just like a pauper and little do they know that he is a child of God and God will work it out for him.  It was not an easy take to have lost but we know, it is not over with us.  God has a better thing for us and we will focus on him and not what we have lost.

In the course of my asking what went wrong, I wondered, God! what didn’t we do right?  What did we do wrong?  But I have kept on telling myself that I should always depend on him not on the things I really want to go my way.  I have realized God will allow us not to get what we really want even when we have sacrificed a lot to achieve it.  He will allow us to go through out the pain of losing it so that we can focus on him.  In this sense, we should love our God at all times, when we get what we really want and when we fail to get it.  This is very challenging because as human beings, most of time when we do not get it, we start blaming God, telling him that he does not really love us, pitying ourselves and seeing as if God has a grudge with us.  NO!  God wants you to depend on him.   He has a better thing for you than what you are running for.  Remember it is only God who knows everything.  Us, we get to know when we face it or see it.  That is us because we are human.  If we knew when we grow up and go to school get our masters and still be at home with no job, you will never go to that school, after all, all that will go to a waste because you know you will not have a job.  That is why we all struggle but we do not know the end of it all but God knows.  It is through this entire journey we understand so many things and we are made stronger with the storms that we face in order to move on and be what the Lord wants us to be.

In my case that I referred here, we, all lost and not little loss because it was something so special to us all because we knew, if he went through all of us would be celebrating.   But still even in our loss, we will always trust our Lord.   I know I might be sounding very simple with this statement because as you read you are saying, ‘Rose you do not know what you are talking about.  Mine is a very bad story and I wish you understand'.  I will tell you, God will never allow you to go through something that he knows you cannot overcome. You might fail to that temptation and feel like this is it and you do not know how you will start all over again to be where you are and I will tell you, God will give you the Grace.  Do not give up.  Just wake up and dust yourself and give yourself courage you will start all over again.  You might be on your 15th breakup story as in you have lost 15 very good opportunities to get married, and you are not clocking 12 years but you are heading to your 40 years and above, with children out of wedlock and so forth and on,  I will still tell you do not give up!  You are this girl you have wasted yourself all this time and you are wondering on earth who is this man who will just understand me and take me in and give me another chance and I will prove to them that I am changed and different?  You are this guy who as gone on hurting women all over and you now want to settle down and you are asking can God really forgive me and give me this beautiful woman to be my wife and I live happy ever after?  There are so many questions that we are asking ourselves and I am not an exceptional.  I will encourage you and tell you, depend on God and you will not go wrong. 

You are born again and failed not once not twice and you are wondering how can I reach to that level?  I will tell you put pride aside and repent and tell God to help you once again and start it all over again.  Love on him and ask him to direct you.  Tell him you now understand where you went wrong and you are ready to correct that and move on.  That is the best place to be and now look for trusted friends who can walk with you because you can’t be accountable to yourself, you need others to watch over you and let them walk with you. I mean you should look for trusted friends who love God and they will not judge you but walk with you. 

My take today is to thank God for all what has failed on my side and continue trusting in him and not to give up.  I am waiting for my miracle because I know God has placed something good for me, it’s just a matter of time which is always his that I should wait.   What I am crying for now is to have peace and patience because these are the things I lack most of the time when I really want something and I know He is faithful he will grant me the desires of my heart if I depend on him and trust him fully.  When the time comes, he will have worked out my impatience!

God bless you and be encouraged and know that God is there and He knows you just the way you are! 

Love you all!  Amen!