Monday, 4 January 2016


Every time i go to these 'meetings', there is this one ice breaker that always makes me feel cold.


Gosh! Every time this query is asked i get a chill because something very embarrassing happened to me nearly 8 years ago. Let me share it so that i can make you understand why i always feel embarrassed.  But before i share this story, what is that sin that really puts you off and makes you feel like sinking underground, when people mention it.   It is good to note that all of us are sinners and we are all working to correct an anomaly in our lives.  I do not want to judge anyone here because i am a sinner and i have things i struggle with.  But i want to encourage you today that, you can overcome your struggles. I have worked on them and i have kicked most of them and i am wired for greatness.

So, do not be embarrassed but just tell it to God and ask him to guide you on how to overcome it. I know some things  are better when not told but i would encourage you, to choose a friend to share with, the one you trust because healing comes faster when we confess and have people to account to because they keep a check on us.  I am also here to be used of God to help you.  Do not shy away.  You can call me on 0721705788 during working hours; i will help you a great deal and walk you through it. (Though is not a must)

Back to my embarrassing moment.
There is this term "Hubby".   When i first heard of it, i did not really know what it meant.  For me, i thought it meant a "Friend".  So, what did i do? A very good friend invited me for his goat eating party and i was really excited and happy for him.

This day comes and to be honest i had really kept something good to contribute for the goat eating party and i could not hide my joy. Introduction time came and everyone introduced themselves saying who they are to the two friends who had invited us for the party. Whey my turn came, i said, 'My name is Rose Gatobu and so and so is a very good "Hubby" of mine and i am very excited to be here today.' Gosh! You can imagine the look on people’s faces after i introduced myself. I was shocked and terrified why everyone was not amused with my introduction. I started checking on my dress; if you are a woman you understand what i mean, because i could not understand why everyone was not amused and had these looks on their faces.

To be honest no one told me anything and everyone started looking at me very funny. I wondered all along what was wrong because everyone assumed and they just talked through actions rejecting me and whispering to each other.

I felt so bad but no one explained to me what wrong did i say. I went home so down and wondering what was wrong with my introduction.  The guy, because he was a colleague, from that day he stopped talking to me and that even shocked me more. I kept wondering what I really said that was that bad.  Time went and one time, i was in another meeting and someone said, "This is my Hubby”, as they were holding hands and exchanging their love languages to each other. And immediately the Holy Spirit revealed to me, "Hubby" means husband.  That is like a short form and not a "friend".  What????? I could not imagine how wrong i was all those days when i did not know.  I really felt embarrassed and understood why people did not approve my introduction that day at the party of my friend. You see how the Holy Spirit is our helper.

After the revelation of the meaning of the word “Hubby”, that truth has never left me as an embarrassment as I always feel so awkward, knowing the pain i caused the couple and their friends just because of my naivety.   I learnt my lesson that day; if you do not know the meaning of something, just ask. It will cost you nothing but live informed and at peace.

I lost a friend from that time, because, to date that guy does not talk to me. He never even told me that i hurt him as i could have explained to him, that i did not know the real meaning of a hubby if that was my error, so that he could have come to term with what i said innocently.  I have lived with that embarrassment to-date and the most painful thing is that i lost a dear friend. We meet in the streets of Nairobi and we do not say hello to each other. Actually he behaves like he has never seen me in this life yet we worked together in the same institution. I have always wondered what on earth can I do, to tell him that i was wrong and i needed his forgiveness to mend the relationship for Christ's sake.  Though we no longer work in the same Ministry to date, i always pray that God allows us to meet one day and i tell him the truth and make him understand the whole truth. 

I will purpose next time when, i bump on him in the streets of Nairobi i will tell him. (I wonder, but how?)  The Holy Spirit will help me, that is not a great deal as my Pastor shared with us yesterday 3rd Jan 2016, in our Sunday Service that, this year, The Holy Spirit will be upon us, and He will direct and tell us on how to go about many things that we do not understand as long as we are focused on Him (Jesus) and His glory will fall on us.   I am happy that i did not break his relationship because he married the girl two weeks after the goat eating, i guess now they are 8 years in marriage.

My question to you today is, what is your most embarrassing thing or moment? What are those things that you do that are not godly and they really make you feel guilty and some how embarrassed?  Look up to Jesus he will forgive you from all unrighteousness if you confess your sins. 1st John 1:8-10 (If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us.)

Be blessed and enjoy the start of the Year by making confessions and working on your flaws. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

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