Tuesday, 1 August 2017


In the course of my side hassle I met this celebrity who i engaged with and I was very excited.  Do you sometime see someone on TV or hear him or her on Radio and feel like you personally know them?  That was the feeling when I met this guy.  He is a star; he has sang beautiful and very influential music.  I remember when he was singing for the worldly songs, I supported his songs so much because I knew this guy had something special inside him but I could not tell what it was, only to realize that God had something special in him that attracted me to him in relation to spiritual things.  For me it was a divine connection that I am very sure will unfold as time goes by, as I strongly feel we have something in common for the kingdom of God.  This for sure I will share in the future when I cross that bridge.   

I had no idea one day I would meet the person and I had the honour to meet him yesterday.  I screamed like a fool, in excitement, I told him how much I loved him not the worldly way, but the godly way.  I am not sure what he felt in his spirit when I said I loved him, because he kept on saying, glory be to God, glory be to God.  And from his response I realized that the man is truly changed and no longer was the same man who used to sing the songs that influenced the worldly world so much.  This confirmation also came as we continued having the conversation we had as he pointed many things that he is doing in the kingdom of God and especially about his mentors and where he goes to church.   

Now what caught my attention in relation to his former life,  is when I told him I connected with him because of one song that really hit in the market and he did not respond with the enthusiastic because, I guess, he is no longer in that kingdom.  That song was so evil for sure, leave along influencing people in the dancing mood.  It really influenced many in the worst of sins that I do not need to mention here.   When I had backslid the song ushered me so well on that side as much as I was offended and wounded in the inside, as I knew I had lost my way.  I ignored that voice of God that told me that I should not be in that world.  Later in life I paid for my sins facing the consequences of my fall, as the Lord had to take me back on the track and thus today, I am walking in right with my God. 

So, my remark reminding him about the song, I guess, somehow made him not respond with the excitement I expected and this made me feel rejected.  Not knowing it was not about him rejecting me, but him not agreeing with me about his former ways which are now changed.  I remember after we engaged a bit before we left his office compound, he told me he has to bid his workmates bye.   He went to do that and I overheard him telling his workmates byes but before he did that, he told them to come to the office and pray to close the days’ work.  That touched my heart. How many people today know God, call their colleagues and tell them let us pray?  For sure that really challenged me so much as a child of God and thought, I should stop playing religion but focus more on the things that please God and men that are around me so that I bring them closer to God.  Anyway, not long he came by and we left for his destination to pick his wife for home.  But as we continued, he started to mention the song that he has sung in the Kingdom of God that is a hit like now, but I was not getting his point.  Remember, when I met him I was relating to him focusing on the former song that was not godly.  Immediately, when he said that, the gift of discernment I have, reminded me of a conversation I had with my son who connected with the song the other day and he told me,  “Mum, so and so got saved, imagine the song that is being sang is his!”  I run to the TV to watch who it was and I found it is my fun who I am talking about.  I do not want to mention the person for security reasons and also protect his confidence because I truly respect him.  

I remembered the song and immediately we connected in the spiritual realm and that is when I got the opportunity to ask him about his stand with Jesus.  And with so much joy, he told me he gave his life to Jesus.  That blew my mind as in, he confirmed to me, for sure he is now in the kingdom of God.

I do not know about you my dear reader.  What is that one thing that makes you look different from your past life that makes others see you are different?  As a child of God, you do not need to go telling people how born again you are because I know many Christians dread sharing their stand for fear of being judged because they know they have a past that was not so good and they do not want to face their real world.  But why would you fear?  If you truly know you are born again, why don’t you say it?  My argument here is not about screaming around telling people how born again you are, but your ACTIONS! What are these things that you do that can tell someone that truly you are in love with Jesus.  Kenya we are 80% Christians, what is this that makes us not live like true Christians?  God revealed to me that, many of us are weeds in the Kingdom of God.  That is the reason we are 80% and yet we do not yield the fruits that God wants us to yield.  So, in the 80%, are you the wheat or the weed.  Remember when the last day comes, weed and the wheat will be separated.  So, my biggest question to you is, where do you belong?  Think about t it and make the right choice to be the wheat and not the weed.  Your actions, will speak louder than your words.  So, if you truly say you belong to the kingdom of God, let us see your actions.  I am really working hard on mine and I pray I will be counted among those who are walking in the right path.  That is my prayer for you too my reader.    God bless you as you ponder on this.