Friday, 14 November 2014


Actually, most of the time when I write here, I love encouraging other people and myself  Last week, I had a desire to see one of my classmates in primary school.  I remembered when we were in school this young boy never used to know how to read like us.  Every time the teacher asked us read a script a paragraph each, this boy was not able to read well.  He would stammer, read what is not there and make many mistakes and all what we did was to laugh at him.  I cannot really tell why I thought about him, but I kept asking myself where did he go after school? 

I remember he was among those who did perform well in my class as he had a weakness.  He was not one of the bright students and always he was number last.  However, I remembered he loved running so much and I thought may be he became one of our renowned runners in Kenya, but I have not met him in the recent past nor have I seen him on our Television as a runner.      This question kept lingering my mind, wishing I could see him and know where he went after we finished school.  His name is John.  I will use John’s story to encourage you and myself that despite our weaknesses, God has our strengths in mind and that is what he will use to crown us.   

The whole of this month I have been feeling down just because of what I am going through financially.    Many people may not understand you and your problems but they will always make sure they pin you down such a time.  I have been feeing down and all those around me seem not to understand me because as they notice, I am not myself.  They want to know what I am going through and since they cannot get it from me, they want to hurt me so that I talk.  Naturally, I am not a quiet person I am really a chatterbox and if you do not know me well you can be bored.  For those who know me, and understand who I am, and what is my calling in relation with my personality, they always listen to me keenly as in they know I have a very important point to make as much as I am very emotional in my talks.   In the past, I used to hate my personality, until I asked of the Lord why he created me like this.  I am just too talkative and he answered me, gave me many reasons as to why he created me this way and he is still answering me.     There are many places that I talk and bring a lot of hope, peace, tranquility, order and others.  Therefore, nowadays I am not bothered by my talking personality  as I always know there is a message I am trying to pass while I talk.   When I say I am too talkative, I do not want to say it is a bad trait because I know many people have this trait. What I want to put a cross is that, many people who talk much are never taken seriously and they are judged jokers.  I will also say, it is not always that I talk.  There are a times when i do not talk and people wonder what is wrong with me.  That time I am usually calm and I feel I do not need to talk.  Wait until I start talking and you will wish I were silent.  Lol! Anyway, let me tell you people who talk are usually serious as much as they look like they are saying nothing but babbling words. If you listen carefully, you will get what exactly they want to say though it is said with so many words that sometime bore. 

Anyway, so much said about my trait but the point I wanted to drive home is to encourage you who is down.  My friend John was not very good in school and we really laughed about him. Unfortunately, we forgot that life was not in our hands.  God loved him as he loved us even with his weaknesses.  As I wondered what happened to John, I had forgotten he got a job with the Administrative Police as we met one time but somehow, I forgot about that.  My wanting to know where he is I guess was driven by what I wished him which is well as I knew he had a weakness but as much as he had a weakness God has good plans for him.  By this, I want to encourage everyone today that, do not feel down or do not let anyone pin you down.  God knows everything about you even your weaknesses, lack, failures, and all that that puts you down.  Many a times I am down, I ask God, really.  ‘Do you want me to go through these entire processes of lack and feeling down?    I thought you care about me.  Why should I be lacking this or that and thus you love me?’  This is what I always ask myself every time I am down.  But I have come to realize, God does not want me to suffer, He wants me to have a deeper relationship with him.  Most of the time when I am in that state that is when I seek God more because I ask him many questions and he always answers me.  I am not trying to say we should go through problems so that we are closer to God, but I will say with my personal experience, many people are drawn closer to God by what is disappointing them because they need an answer and most of the time the person who has the answer is no one else but God.  It is during that time that you will realize small things like a small plant shaking itself will minister to you that God is so great.  That tip that you get when you do something so good to someone and they feel like saying thank you in a form of a tip and little did they know you did not even have something to eat and that tip will work miracles for your family and yourself.  You will understand why a stranger will stop on the way and give you a lift just because they felt like it forgetting that the Lord touched them to bless you with the lift to reach where you wanted to go because you did not have fare.   You will remember that colleague who you always look down upon who will hear about your cry how broke you are and they bless you with those little coins just to sort yourself that time and meet a need with the coins, and many other experiences.

What am I saying?  I want to encourage you that do no think that God does not know what you are going through.  He is part and parcel of all that.  Only what he wants you to do is to put all your trust in him and he will answer your cry in so many ways that you cannot imagine.  You do not need to sit down and start cursing yourself and the day you were born, be encouraged and think positive and the Lord will open your eyes. 

As I told you earlier I have wanted to see John, today, when I left the hotel where I was taking my lunch, I was rushing back to the office because I had few minutes to go back to the office for the afternoon session.  And just before I got out of the hotel, I met a group of young Administrative Police Officers dressed in their ceremonial uniform that attracted my eyes.  While I was busy staring at them and admiring them, amazingly I bumped on John!  Unbelievable!   I screamed at him and everyone who was near was shocked about the scream.  I scream aloud because a week ago I was thinking about him and wondered where he was.  Actually, this scenario made me understand God knows our hearts desires.  It does not matter how funny or odd they look, he understands them and he will always fulfill our hearts desires.  Seeing John, someone I was with in school more than ten years ago, is a prayer answered.  As in, we should never give up on God.  He will always answer us.    It does not matter how long He will take come for you, he will always answer you.  Do not give up on him.  I asked John how he was and by the looks, he was very happy with what he does as he is in the Administration Police Band, doing very well in it.  You see.  The boy who could not read well in class God has lifted him and today he is somewhere doing something that he loves doing?  I am taking this opportunity today, to encourage you by saying do not give up on God.  Even in your worst place give thanks to God. Today, I am not that comfortable but I thank God that he has enabled me thrive in my lack and to be contented with the little that I have and I know he will give me more when his time comes and lack will be a song of the past. 

Have a wonderful time and be encouraged today.  Let no one intimidate you with whatever they have or are.  Be yourself and ask God to guide and help you out in all your circumstances whether good or bad.