Thursday, 12 July 2012


I know many people do not understand the things of Holy Spirit because they do not understand them. I will say you can only understand the Holy Spirit if you are filled by him because you can’t see him. Sometimes I also get scared when the Holy Spirit is ministering to me too because some things he shows me and guides me in are so weird and you wonder if the Holy Spirit did not guide you what would have happened?

In the recent past I had some issues in my life that I only understood them through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. I could try to explain myself out but only a few got me and understood me.  I always get excited when I fellowship with people who understand the Holy Spirit because the things of Holy Spirit are never seen with the naked eyes but through the unseen eyes.  You have to be truly wired to the Holy Spirit to be able to interpret what you are going through when in good or bad situations.  

Well, sometimes it can get fearful what the Holy Spirit reveals to us what goes behind our backs.  I will say when I am going through a hard time the Holy Spirit speaks so clear that I sound weird though am not wired. I thank God for sending to us the Holy Spirit because as Jesus told his disciples that He would send them a helper (Holy Spirit).  This helper is so real in our world and I just love my experiences with him because he is a comforter, a counselor and a very good friend if you invite him to fellowship with him.  If I was not having a fellowship with him I do not know how I would have come out of the cage of the lion that I was thrown but he helped me through his guidance, wisdom, comfort and more so sensitivity.  As much as I looked crazy I bet with you he helped me a great deal to deal with a dreadful situation in my life that has left me fearful and worried.  I am not advocating any fear or worry but once in a while in this life as a human being we go through very tough situation and naturally we get scared and worried.  As I come out of what I have been going through in my recent past because I am coming to terms to it but appreciate more of the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. 

Sometimes we Christians go through a very tough time when spreading the good news because many do not understand the Good News.  Normally we are rejected, ridiculed, abused and the list is endless, but the fact is, Jesus is Lord and no one can object that.  He is the true Son of God and as a Christian we will preach Him.  I did not before understand why many reject Him but now I understand they even crucified him on the cross without knowing who He was.  What about when they are not seeing him in person as they really want to see him to believe in Him?  It is even worse that they reject him even more.  The thing here is I will not stop preaching about Him because He alone set me free and today am a free person.  Of this I really know because he has taken care of me even on very tough times and when I am in Joy.  Jesus I love you and I thank you that you died for me and you have given me this other chance to share about you Lord.  You are mighty and glory goes to you Lord.  There is no one like you!  I will live for you and I will proclaim of you always.  Thank you for saving my life and taking care of me throughout the ordeal.  If it were not for you oh! Lord, I do not know what it could have been.  All glory and honour goes to you my King and Lord. You alone you reign and you reign forever more! Amen!

It sounds funny when you share the things of God and there are those who cannot understand them. I thank the Lord that He made me His and today I share in His Victory and amazing love that He showed me on the Calvary.  If you do not know Christ, right away receive Him and He will show you the wonderful things that he has in store for you in his Word.  You will be amazed even when we are going through a tough time the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you.  He will be there for you.   Sometimes we doubt especially when things are so tough that even yourself cannot believe you have or you are going through them.  Until the time lapses and you are like! What?  Did I go through all that?  And you are elevated to another level where the Lord wants you to be and it is a matter of time when you ask of Him when you get your healing the Lord will indicate to you especially what He wants with your life.  It might not be very clear when you are in a storm, but wait it finishes and the Lord reveals himself real in your life, then you understand why you had to go through that storm so that you can proclaim him higher and serve him in a higher notch than your used time.

Brethren let us embrace our Lord and Share Him without fear. Remember he has not given us the spirit of fear as much as we get scared when we are going through storms. He only wants to elevate us to a higher level so that he can make use of us in a daily basis.  Where are you, in that big storm, just came out of one, fearing of another one coming?  Do not worry be still because God is in control and He is the LORD.  As I am writing this I am just from a storm and am wondering Lord will I get another one greater than this?  Am scared Lord help me and take care of me it is not easy but with you Lord it is easy. Give me courage Oh! Lord and restore my joy.  I need you Lord,  you alone understands and knows me better. 

Be encouraged you who is down today and know that the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you.  He will carry you with his wings and walk you away from your storms and restore you.  Is it about your marriage, trials of the evil one, name them. The Lord will see you through.  Be encouraged as I am encouraging myself too and be glad that you are a child of the most High God!  He liveth and He is very real.  He cares about you and He knows you.  You are his child and He knows what you are going through. 

He will come for you and take care of all you fears and worries. He alone understands them. Be encouraged and know that the Lord is watching over you day in day out.  It does not matter the scheme that the devil has against you behind your back.  The Lord is seeing you and he is watching over you.  He sends his angles to guard you.  You may not see them but he does and that is why He sent the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort, hold, carry, counsel and the rest good things so that you can enjoy the life that he has given you.

Be encouraged once more since as I am writing this, am also encouraging myself.  Do not be scared just trust in the Lord and He will see you through.   Have a blessed time.