Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Have you imagined walking in a church and you think, ahhh now I have arrived where angels are found!  You will be shocked when you reach there. 

I am one person who naturally trusts and makes friends easily with no problems.  But I had this notion when you get friends in church you will never go wrong.  They are the perfect people ever to meet on earth.  I got my shocker because since I was taken to church by my parents to be honest I can’t even count my friends, as in friends that I trust and can walk with me without issues. 

I am saying this because I am one person who has been frustrated by people not only in the world but also in the church too.  When I recently joined my current Church, I got new friends that I am walking with and to be honest it is not what I thought about friends from church.  I guess some of them are worse than the people of the world.  Am not talking like that because I am an angel from Heaven but just putting a point across that it is not all friends you meet in church are your good trusted friends. 

I have been hearing songs from Chimbalonza about how a friend went behind her back and spoilt her friendship by doing bad things behind her back.  Rose Mhando too has sung a song and many other singers I can’t mention them all here.  All of them are talking about how they had good friends and they betrayed them. 

Let me tell you.  The only person on this planet that you can have as a best friend is only Jesus.  He will never let you down and He can never be compared to any friend on this planet earth. 

I have been laughing with friends but little did I know that they never wished me well.  I gave myself to them and went out of my way to do things for them in the name of friendship and today I can’t see any around me.  I am not talking like these so that my friends can come back nor am I talking like these because I am a loner and life is difficult without them.  I am just talking to people who wonder with the kind of friends they have both in church and out of church, and how cruel they are.  Out of my experience it is very hard to have a good trusted friend in today’s era.   For those who oppose this I am sorry I am struggling in that area but I am happy for you if you have good trusted friends.  Keep them, take care of them because they are a gift from GOD.  It is not that easy for some people like me. I am yet to get good trusted friends for keeps!

When I say I all these, I do not mean I do not have friends.  No!!! I am just saying, have people around you as friends but be very careful on how you relate with them.  There are those in confidence you will tell them what you are doing in good faith and the same people will use the same information to tear you apart.  Sometimes it does not matter whether you told them the right things or wrong.  I bet with you no one is perfect.  We are bound to be wrong in one way or another, but that does not guarantee, now that am born again I wont wound you as a friend nor will you not wound me as a friend.   I always believe when one is my friend and a sincere friend, they should not judge me based to what I say.  I expect they do a research and compare their notes with what I said before judging me.  If I was wrong, let them correct me in a godly way, a way that I will not feel offended or carry guilt with me for the rest of my life.  If I said something that was really profound and it changed their lives, they should tell me and encourage me more to help others with the good thing I shared with them.

It is also good to judge people because some people are so malicious and they can be bad news if you are not careful.   When I talk about judgment I do not mean having a negative attitude towards people but you can judge someone in relation to our safety because we are in very bad times (i.e judge positively).  When you laugh and merry with some people, you may think you are reading from the same page but you will be shocked on what they think about you and what they plot against you.  Remember God said we should never judge anyone and I am not advocating judging others here.  I am just saying just read other peoples’ mind before they put you in shit by knowing their intentions even before they put you in problems.  By this I mean have a desire to discern things before hand and this can only be obtained when you have a strong relationship with the Lord. (JESUS).

You should ask God to give you the gift of discernment so that you can tell between the good and the bad.  People do not need to tell you anything bad or cross them so that you tell whether they are bad.  You can tell from so many things even when they are blinding you.

I had a friend for a long time, and we shared so much in common.  One day I decided to drop her home something we had not planned and that led me visiting her for the first time.   We were friends but not that close friends in relation to visiting one another but we could see each other from church and call one another. On that particular day, we talked so much and everything looked so rosy.  When the day broke, she escorted me to the gate so that I proceed home.  Little did I know I hurt her in any way from all what we conversed.    Immediately we parted ways, I felt my heart so heavy and I asked God what is all this heaviness about?    I asked myself did I grieve God.  What wrong did I talk?  Did I tell her something that was so deep and she was terribly hurt?  I asked myself so many things and am telling you it was not easy to tell exactly what I was feeling.  I felt like calling her and tell her to tell me if I said anything to her that really hurt her.  But, I said I will just keep it to myself and leave it at that.  When I reached home I made my call to her and tell her that I have arrived.  To my shock her phone was off.  I was mad.  I asked myself, if she knew I was to call her and tell her I arrived home safely, how come her phone is off.  I felt so bad.  I asked God what is all about this.  He told me the heaviness you felt it was true you really hurt her in the many things you shared with her but that should not worry you.  I made you meet and talk so that you can know she is not a good friend to you.  I was like really?  The answer was yes she is not a good friend to you just watch out!  After that confirmation, the heaviness left and I was fine.  Unfortunately I could not keep that to myself and I called another friend that God gave me in the recent past.  I told her the whole story.  She told me, Rose you told me not to trust everybody and I also sense she is not a good friend because a good friend who is there for you, will not make you struggle in knowing what you have done wrong to them.  They should openly tell you and not keep it to themselves. If I have hurt someone, I always wish they tell me we confront one another and mend that amicably but not create enemy.     Friendship is something to treasure and keep.  It is not something to play around with, whether it is from a male friend or a female.  Strong friendships are built by saying the truth even if one will be hurt.  Actually the Bible tells me that “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy”.   That clearly tells me that, those people who please me always, are not good friends.  But friends are those who hurt me deep but they teach me my lessons and I also teach them their lessons in relation to deep and stronger relationships that will make me a better person than I am.

 My dear friends, I have been a people pleaser for a long time and until I made Christ my Lord and my best friend, that today, I do not care about the earthly friendships.  They are full of pretence and maliciousness and thus I put all my hope and trust in my Lord alone.  The rest I tell God to work out my friendship because I know for sure the earthly friendships will not last long.  But for the short time or long time that He will allow me to be a friend to anyone, I will take that opportunity to grasp what God wanted in that relationship.  I have come to realize, God can bring someone close to you for just a day, days, a month, months, a year, and years but for a purpose.  But let me tell you, you have to note why God is bringing so and so in your life in whatever period of time. 

I had a friend who was so close when I was expecting my second baby.  To be honest I could not imagine our friendship would end one day.  Today we do not talk and we have never quarreled.  I asked myself, what happened.  It was dawn to me that, the friendship time was over and I should never think about the person but move on.  It does not matter whether it is a male friend or a female friend.  In my case it was a lady friend that I really treasured.

It is good to weigh how far you go with your friends and how much time and emotion part of you, you give to them.  When you get attached to a friend so much ask God to help you in that friendship because some friendships really break because we do not ask of the Lord and we do not have a gift of discerning so that we know exactly how long that friendship will last.  To clarify that is, in case that, that friendship ends, we do not take it personally but know that the time for the relationship had to end not because you did anything to that person, but the purpose intended in it was fulfilled and God will bring another friendship for another purpose.  In that regard, we will not have bad feelings about others and take them badly or have grudges.  I am praying that God will help me understand that because I have been struggling in that area for long now.  I want to let go every friend I feel just left me for no apparent reason.  I should understand that the time of friendship just lapsed and I should respect them for who they are and pray for them always for walking out of my life.  

We have so many people who are hurting and can’t even say hallo to one another and yet they were best friends.  That is happening so much even in the house of God and that is not a good picture especially from brethren.  

You would think all people think well of you but I will tell you, it is not all who think well of you.  Actually the least expected people will shock you how they do not like you and do not care about you.  The world is so evil you should be able to understand it and know how to respond to it as a child of God.

Chose your friends wisely and more to it put them in Gods hands that they be good friends who lift and encourage you.  

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Most of the time when you look around, you will see how the world is unfair in so many things.  I have come to realize when you are too good the devil will always take advantage of you, use you and set to kill you.  What am I talking about?  You should understand as a child of God, the devil will never give you peace at all because he wants you in his territory. 

Most of the time as a child of God you are the target because those who are already in his camp will never face what you are facing because they are home.  But for you child of God, he will never rest but make sure he wins you so that you can join his club and family. 

My dear friend, I want to encourage you this morning, because you have gone so much pain and turmoil and you wonder what you have done to God.  Why are things the way they are and you are always struggling and things do not add up.  You ask yourself, how come bad girls are the ones who are getting married, how come those who are stealing are the ones who are rich, how come gossipers are really doing so well and things just go so well for them?  My dear friend, that is their world and they will always flourish because they belong to this world.  Those are the things of the world and they will always feel nice and sweet because they belong to them.  But you who is not of this world you will never have peace with the world.  The world will reject you, torment you, un-friend you, call you a failure, they will name you all kind of names but to God you are His child.  It does not matter what you go through.  Remember He is with you.  He promises you that, He will never leave you nor forsake you.   He will always hold you up when you are down.  He will make a way where there seems to be no way.  He tells you put on His armour so that you can overcome this very evil world.  (Remember your battle is not by flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  So, put on the full armour of God so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand.  Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.  In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the
Spirit, which is the Word of God.  And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.  With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints).   

In the morning when I was dropping my baby to school, I saw this dream car that I have always admired.  Gosh the exact colour and Ohhhh!!! I can’t really tell, yes that car that I dream of and I asked God how I can get such a car.  Most of the time children of God are never associated with good things but the worst and least expected things and I asked God what does it entail for me to own such a car?  Do I really need to steal or sleep around so that I get it?  And the Lord told me just take your sweet time and continue being with me and wait.  I will fulfill your hearts desires, you do not need to steal nor sleep around to own such.  It belongs to me and I will give it to you at my time.  I said wao!  It is such a beautiful car oh Lord, but by the time you bless me Lord it will have been overtaking by events and the Lord told me you will not be overtaking by events but you will be up-to-date.  I will make sure you get what will be there that time as long as you will love it.  You might not even like what will be there but like what you have asked because that is your hearts desires and I know all your desires.  Then I said to myself, Lord I won’t mind such a car one day!

After I stopped thinking about the car, I thought, ohhh my!!!! Am I thinking like the world?  Do I really need that car?  Then the Lord told me to have that desire is not a bad thing because he has given us the gift of desiring so that we get what we want.  But for Him to bless me, I have to walk with Him and He will guide and help me reach out to my destiny.  The devil will bring all these shortcomings in your life and make you understand that you are good for nothing.  The devil will speak to your ear that people who drive good cars are only the worldly ones and not you as a child of God.  That is a lie from the devil.  Good cars belong to the children of God, good husbands belong to the children of God and they are there, good homes belong to the children of God, good families belong to the children of God and many other things that the evil one has stolen from them. 

Most of the time we sit back and look at the way the world is enjoying life and we wonder surely God are you real?  Imagine our God is so real it’s only that we do not believe.  He will always fulfill our hearts desires as long as we will listen to Him and obey.    But for you to succeed you must be wired to him because you are in a rotten world and for you to triumph not like the world, you have to listen to him and take heed of all his instructions. 

I will share a personal experience to encourage you and make you understand the devil knows how to manipulate you and put you in shit just because He knows what you want and what God has for you.  He will always camouflage in your plans and the things that God as set you apart for and if you are not well wired with the Lord, then you will be tricked and fall.    

I had a school balance of my sons’ school fees, debts here and there and am telling you it is not very easy for me as a single mum.  But God opened an opportunity for me so that I work out of town and get some extra coin besides my normal salary.  To be honest that is a very rare opportunity and when I got it I embraced it because I knew my son’s school fees will be fully paid, and some other debts. 

Remember the devil also has his plot and to me I was very excited when I took the opportunity.  I want to share with you my dear friend so that you understand that the devil is a liar and unless you walk by Spirit imagine the devil will always take advantage of you if you are not alert.  But if you walk in Spirit and Truth, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what the devil is plotting against you.

The time for me to travel came and I left for duty.  I was accompanied by my little son who is in nursery because I could not leave him with anyone.  I felt I should go with my baby.  And in any case he is just in baby class so he will not miss so much at his level.  I had a safe journey and all went well.  The seminar went so well and I really enjoyed the whole thing.  But in the process the devil also had his plan.  He wanted me to fall and sleep around with those who were really looking and admiring me in a lustily way.  I remember I told God I came here for my work and not things that do not pertain to it and I will not do what did not bring me here. I remember I would be tricked so that I go out and have fun and I always excused myself with my baby.  I thanked God I travelled with my baby because I did not have anytime besides being in the seminar from 7.00 am. To 7.00 pm, and taking care of my lovely baby.  I said God was with me in putting my baby in the plan of accompanying me because he used him to protect me by making sure am always engaged because he knew what the devil had schemed against me. 

I even noted that those schemers had rooms next to mine so that they can be able to lure me.  I thank God because, one is usually given their own room keys and it is you who opens and locks yourself inside.  What goes in there it is between you and your God.  I took advantage of the time and most of the time I was reading the word and praying while in the room.  Of course in such a place people come with their different motives but for me I knew it very well I was there because of my work and I should not deviate it to anything else.    

When the devil realized that he is not winning his battle on my side, the last evening of the day of going home we were all paid our allowances and I remember all the girls I was with in the seminar went out because they were not able to go out since the course was so intense and there was not time.  Besides, they had finished the course and they were loaded and they had it all because such a seminar has never been held for them before and they really embraced it and enjoyed themselves out of home and normal activities.  As for me I did not leave the premises because I had never visited the town before and I wondered where I would be going and thus I do not know the place.  If I had a friend to show me around, that would have made sense. As for me I decide to just stay in the hotel and wait for the next day I go home.  When the evening came someone offered me a drink (I won’t mention names) but I told him I do not drink the kind of drink he was taking, but I told him I won’t mind a glass of wine because I love taking a glass of wine once in a while and to that effect I was given the wine.  I took my supper and I said let me have a sip and immediately I took the first sip the Holy Spirit told me, that wine has been added something else do not take it I also noted it was not the sweet wine I asked for.  I kept quiet and I listened to the voice.  Then I started feeling dizzy and very uncomfortable.  I confirmed with the Holy Spirit it is true something was put in my drink.  In a clever way I asked a friend of mine who we were sitting together to order hers just like mine.   She was given hers and I told her to taste mine and then taste hers.  She told me mine has something added but hers is okay.  I told her the Holy Spirit told me not to take it so to be safe let us all not take the drinks and she obeyed me.  She ordered for tea and took as we continued to converse.  So we pretended we were drinking our drinks slowly with no hurry.   The waiters would come several times and ask us, “you guys you are not drinking and there is a lot of wine here”?  I told them we take it slowly so he should not mind.  People were put strategically so that they see how we are drinking and to their shock we did not take our drinks.  Some even tried to lure my son they carry him away with them but I adamantly refused with him and not to be taken away with them.  By good luck my baby had played so much so he was very tired and he asked me to hold him on my hands to that he sleeps.  That is when I got the opportunity to go to my room and pour the wine.  Remember I did not want to course any alarm or make my enemy to understand that I knew what they did to my drink.  And as a child of God we are told to make peace with everyone and I had to play it save and leave the place in peace but knowing very well what God has saved me from.  At the end of it all I was a winner and I thank God He made me a winner through the guide of the Holy Spirit.  If I used my own wisdom, I would not have made it, but because I used the His armour, I was able to pass the test.  I am very proud of myself because I represented my God well and when He calls me His child I feel really honoured and loved so much.

My dear friends, why have I given that testimony?  I want to tell you, the devil knows what you really want and He will use exactly what you love to lure you so that you can fall.  You can imagine if I took the wine.  May be I would have blacked out and you never know what would have happened to me and my baby. 

Remember I went for the seminar because it is part of my duty and do not forget I really needed that cash so that I clear my sons’ school fees and other debts.  But even with that in mind, the devil had his plan too.  May be he has been hunting me and he knew this would be the best opportunity for him to win and make me fall.  I was not even paid well as I ought to, but what I was paid was able to clear my son’s school fees and some other debts I had that I had told God to provide for me.  But the devil knew if I gave in, he would pour out money on me and because he knew I really needed money.  But I do not like putting money first in everything I do.   I always put God first and that is why I was not lured with money.  He (devil) knew when he gives me the wine I will black out because of what they had added to the wine and they knew very well, if I got a black out they would have done bad things on me in my out of senses.  But let me tell you.  The Lord saved me this entire episode not because I am so good but because he knows the schemes that the devil had against me without my knowledge.  He had to protect me and take care of me.  As a child of God do not be scared on what the devil sets you on.  God is on your side.  He will make a way for you where there seems to be no way.  He will protect you when the enemy attacks you and he will take care of you in all ways.  Just yield to him and you will be blessed and He will direct your path. 

Ohhh!!! Back to my dream car!   Do I really believe even with the little money I earn, I can one day own such a car worth 8 millions shillings, the Lord told me he will give it to me.  It will not be because of my hard work or promotion that He will give it to me.  But because He loves me and He knows my hearts desires.  He will fulfill my hearts desires according to His will.  He will make ways for me where there seems to be no way.  I do not need to yield to the world so that my dreams can be met.  I will only live for my God because I have tasted him and I know what He is worth.  He is my God, my King and my Savior.  I can never trade him with anything.  Not even friends, my children, and my family.  He will remain my God and my King.  Him alone I will fear and not any man.  He knows me inside outside and I will just be his best friend always because the world can be very cruel even from the least expected people like family members, friends, bosses, colleagues and so on and forth. 

I hope I have encouraged you my dear reader and friend.  Do not look down upon yourself.  Know you are a child of the Most High God and you are wired for greatness not the struggles and pain you have gone through.   He is a good God and He reigns forever.  You do not belong to this world.  He has prepared for you a sweet home.  Just wait upon Him and He will give you all what you want while here on earth and you will enjoy life to the fullest.  He said He came so that you may have life and have it in abundance not in pain and struggles.  No!  It is only the devil who sets us with the bad things sometimes and when we are not strong in the Lord we fall.  But he does not leave us there; He (God) comes again for us and sets the path again to try it again and again.  He may also bring that pain to bring us closer to him or use it for His purpose.  Remember He is God and He will remain God!  So do not be quick to judge that God is not on your side especially when things do not go your way.  Just seek Him with all your Heart, Mind and Soul and you will not go wrong.  He will always fulfill your heart’s desires, may it be a long waited husband (as I really want one), may it be that dream car (like the one I am dreaming about everyday), may it be a good job, a nice family and home, whatever you want He says belongs to him and he will give it to you according to his riches in glory.  Ask and you will receive.  Trust in God alone and do not mix him with the things of this world and he will hear your cry and answer you.  Remember He is not a respecter of persons!

God bless you and have a wonderful time.