Friday, 23 December 2016


I am so disappointed on all what I am seeing on TV from our leaders.  It is very unfortunate the Politics of Kenya have no respect at all and I wonder what our children are getting from us.  It pains me so deep when I see a woman of such a high caliber, standing and abusing our President.   It does not matter how much she is hurt, those words are so evil and she needs to repent.  I have no problem with all those echoing her words and actions but the fact remains, we should all respect those in authority. 

I remember one time I was so hurt by a woman who abused the President when he just became the President.  That woman wished him dead.  And for sure that was so hurting to a point I wrote on my blog this article, “Hurt to a level of wishing others dead?”    To be honest, my heart bleeds for Kenya when I see what is going around in our Politics and I am not a proud Kenyan.  Three years later after I wrote my article, I did not know this is where we could be as a country.  We have lost many lives, money, respect, economy has gone down and many other negative things have befallen us, just because we have chosen leaders who do not care about the people of the country but their own affairs.  I am not a partisan when I talk like this.  I am talking as a woman of God and someone who speaks to God and gets answers.  I stopped praying so hard and having sleepless nights and asked the Lord to do according to His will.  Today I am just watching from a far what the Lord is going to do because, I can never change who people are, what they think and what they want. My prayer is that the Lord keeps his Saints safe because, I know we are praying and asking God to intervene and protect us as we are living in very evil days and we do not belong to this world, though we live in it. 

I am just looking and watching and wondering what steps God will take because, if it is prayers, we have prayed, if it is fasting we have fasted, if it is prophesying about our country we have done all that.  So, what next?   I have seen God punishing people and doing all manner of things to make people change and look upon him, but people have refused.  Even with all the calamities that have befallen us, we are still giving a deaf ear to the Lord and no wonder things are going from bad to worst.  Where are we heading to?    I will not say I am tired of praying, fasting and trusting in God, but I am just tired of lying to myself that I can bring any change, if myself I am not that change.  If I will be a corrupt person and think I will make my country a non-corrupt country then I am so wrong.  If I will not respect those in authority and shout at the most top voice that God has given me to incite and call those in authority names, then I am lying to myself.  If I will not love people and serve them with all my might by reaching out to the poor, widows and even working to see the Kingdom of God is being felt where I am leading, then, I am lying to myself. 

It is unfortunate as Kenyans, we want to be leaders to steal, to be famous and humiliate other human beings.  I am not mentioning names here, but we all know our leaders, what they have put on our table and what they are doing in our country and parliament today.  My prayer is this, if you feel you are really disappointed as a child of God, it is the high time, you came out of that Church pew and say enough is enough and go there and bring sanity to our country?  We are tired of bringing leaders who are not ready to serve us but to steal from us and kill our economy making every Kenyan hurt to a point of even wishing others dead and abusing them in public.  I am not here to judge my fellow woman, and today I am not judging anyone, because people are terribly hurt and no wonder they are fearless saying what is exactly in their hearts.  But for sure, she is fearless! What about those who are not saying it out rightly as she is, because of fear of rejection or other associations? As for me, i have to be honest, I cannot have such guts to insult such a man of high authority as the President because, I know the repercussions, but look at the confidence that she is showing and having.    Tomorrow our children will do worse things because they will be in her shoes and do exactly what she is doing and worse.  Not forgetting, actually our children are doing all what they are seeing on our screens day in day out, and no wonder they manifest it in schools causing all the mayhem we see around in relation to burning of schools and all the menace we see in our children.  Who are we to blame?    

Abusing others and inciting people to bring chaos and fights will not help us, but make us hurt even more.  If leaders of this country can ask God for wisdom so that they can lead this country in peace, love and unity, we will not see the impunity we are seeing around in our country. I will say it here categorically; I respect my President, His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta because, God put him there.   He has led the country for the last three years with so much pain and humiliation, yet he has not given up.  Remember he found a lot of mess in the government which he is really trying to clean and this is not an easy job to be very honest and also, we should understand he is also human; bound to err here and there.  But does it warrant anyone to abuse him and call him names where he has failed?  He is trying his level best to clear the mess in the Government; unfortunately the leaders you gave him to serve with him have failed him a great deal.  You are the ones who put those leaders in positions through election, so why do you blame him, instead of blaming yourselves?   All our leaders have failed but when we nail him alone on the cross that someone else was nailed for him and you have refused to follow Him, and put all the blame on him,  then it makes me feel kinder not happy the way people are handling him and not respecting him.   He is trying his level best by even being as calm as possible bearing in mind; this is the worst time in Kenya, to be a President because of the Constitution restrictions about his powers.  Even if WHO was put, I do not think it would be a bed of roses for anyone in his shoes.  But so far so good as in, he has tried his level best and he does not deserve to be humiliated, hurt, disrespected, hurled and all manner of ill things we are doing to him.    But we need to support him at all cost.  Even if we make how much noise, as much as the FAVOUR OF GOD is upon him, no one will change that.  It is only God who will do it.   

Any one in his shoes, I am very sure would do nothing but even worse, because Kenyans, we are all sinners and the only thing we need to make us a New and a Fresh, is God.   Even if you put WHO, if Kenyans we will not change the way we do our things in relation to the politics (ELECTION), we will go nowhere and we will achieve nothing but chaos.  We have failed a great deal and we should not be blaming anybody else, but ourselves.  These people we put them in the leadership positions because they are “our tribe people” and we want a representation.  And that is why you will put any person who is not even qualified to be, because we are so tribal, unreasonable and we lack wisdom from God.  We need to look at our hearts and see who exactly we are.  We call ourselves 80% Christians, where is this Christianity then?  On Sunday we are there singing and serving God and we are the same people in the streets abusing people, cursing our country, not working but stealing (corrupt) right, left and centre and I cannot mention the many things we are doing and yet we want change.  Change can only come from our hearts and this will happen when we will accept we are all SINNERS and no one is righteous.  We only need a personal relationship with JESUS, who is the Saviour of the world. I believe when you have a personal relationship with him, you can never do the things the world does, but you will do the things the Kingdom of God does and that is when the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will come upon us. 

As we approach the election year.  I beg us to pray about it and ask God to give us wisdom to choose leaders who will bring change in our country.   We are tired of fighting, suffering economically, sicknesses, poverty, unfairness and injustice around us, untold deaths, tribalism, hatred, corruption and all manner of mess we have put ourselves into.

Having had said all that, I would like to honour our President and his few good leaders like our (Education Minister, Mr. Matiangi), for the good job he has done despite the hard time of leadership they are in.  When I read the newspapers about some positive insights about our education system and remedies that he has come up with that are now working somehow, it gives me a lot of hope that, something good can be done even in opposition.  When I am on the road enjoying moving from one point to another with ease on our bypasses, I feel excited and happy for once, as much as I complain when I am in the middle of town with all the jam.  Sometimes we blame our President, yet we all love running to the congested roads in town, fight for the same things and put all the blame on him.  My friends, let us use the by passes and stop jamming the roads in town.  I thank him and her Excellency for the free maternity programs around the country.    Today many women are giving birth in ease unlike the past where children and mothers were dying in a very high rate.   And the remaining projects that are now half way that need completion which will bring a lot of change to our country when they are complete like the railway lines, the bypasses roads still in construction and other unmentioned projects that are still awaiting on him to finish, all these are good things that we can celebrate him for instead of only talking about the negative and yet the positive we never speak about it.  Can we all be human and rate him accordingly. 

We all know where we went wrong.  We all know what is awaiting us in the future, our country is in our hands.  If we want to react than act, then, we will reap what we sow.  If we really need God in our country we ought to change and put all what has failed us aside, and work on the things that please God and not the things that make him sad and unhappy about us to avoid the calamities that will befall us because of our sins and our hardened hearts!  If we are not careful, God will deal with us and, actually harshly.  He is a good God and very loving, but still he is also a jealous God.  Let us not push him to be jealous because of loving other gods (men and others things we idolize) besides him.  The Bible is very clear, it says, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and will call upon his name and pray, then, he will hear from heaven and heal their land.  If that is your prayer today, can we be humble and call upon the name of God, he will hear us and heal our land.  I guess that is the prayer of everyone reading my article.

May the Lord have mercy on us Kenyans and give us another chance to do what is right so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have with us, as I cannot imagine other countries who really want to have a quarter of what we have in terms of freedom and they have nothing.  We like taking things for granted and unless we are denied them, we cannot understand what those who do not have what we have feel or miss.  Let us respect those in authority and love our country and not sell what we have to hooliganism and the corruption that we are deep in currently.  But there is so much hope if we will obey and be practical. 

Thank you so much for the time we have had together this year 2016.  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!  God bless you all and keep you safe and secure during the festive period.  Enjoy to the fullest and do not forget to share with the less fortunate.      

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