Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Sometimes, when we think others are very wrong and you want to reach out to them, rethink and look at your weaknesses because you may be the cause why they are behaving the way they do and look so wrong.

What am I talking about? When someone genuinely loves you and cares, do not take them to be desperate. When someone wants you to take a bold step of faith, what they are doing, they are helping you to stop depending on yourself and stop fearing to make more mistakes as they do not love you because you are perfect. Please depend on God and not your failures nor your strengths. So, stop telling them they are helping God to help you make your mind to make a certain decision. When one is vulnerable to you and face you boldly by saying things as they are, they are not trying to belittle you or undermine your ego, but they are trying to make you be responsible and very decisive amidst all the mistakes you have made because they love you either way. In any case, they wish you well and even if things do not go well, they will stand by you. If things go well, they will celebrate you and celebrate with you your victories. So, man up/woman up.

When someone wants to know whether you are reading from the same page and you respond like you are being pushed, then, the thing here is, stop wasting people's time as time lost is never recovered, so be real it does not matter what, because you will never meet an angel as angels live in heaven and you are not one of them either. People are hurt more by actors but real people hurt for a short time as when reality dawns, then you will respect them for who they are, as you are never better than them but a compliment.

When those you have hurt run away from you, it means they are looking for space to heal and move on with life because life is not about you, but what makes them happy and also note that, they have not backslid but they have made a better decision not to sit and wine over their loss, but open a door for those who embrace them for who they are.
My point today is, please stop removing specks on other people’s eyes, but remove the LOGS in your eyes FIRST!

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