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I wrote this Article on my blog on 11th April 2013. (have a read as i am posting another one today in relation to it).  

What am I talking about?  Well, I am a Kenyan and proud to be a Kenyan.  Recently we went through a tough time as we were electing our 4th President.  Well, as much as there were up and downs in the entire exercise, it is very disappointing to see how people who lost (supporters of Cord) which is the opposition of Jubilee felt.  I read from one of the social media a comment from one lady who wrote on her wall something that was not so nice, because it was giving my 4th President (Uhuru Kenyatta) a few years to die! 

This broke my heart so much and I said to myself, I would never want to be hurt and wish other people’s death because that is not a blessing to myself but laying a curse to myself.   We were all created for a purpose and I do not think there is anyone in this world without a purpose.  As much as things do not go our way or the way we would want them to go, it is good to be positive and move on. 

I learnt a big lesson from the comment and as I was reading the word of God from the book of (1st Samuel 8:1-22) was reminded of Saul the King that God gave Israelites because they really wanted a king.  God heard their cry and He told Samuel to anoint him.  Saul was just doing his father’s (Kish) work by going to look for the donkeys that got lost.  In the process, he did not find the donkeys and what the servant he was with felt, is that they should seek an answer from the Man of God (Samuel) since they knew what he said always came to pass. (1st Samuel 9:6)  Their main agenda being to meet Samuel so that they can get the direction as to where the donkeys were, little did they know that God had already spoken to Samuel and he was told that a man was going to see him from the tribe of Benjamin a man who was impressive and without equal among the Israelites.  This shows that even in our flaws, God sees our good and he recognizes them.    Samuel was told to Anoint him as the King of Israelites despite them being warned by Samuel about what the King will do to them negatively and they would not want to know and continued to cry that they wanted a King.  But Samuel told them they will want to change there minds and it will not be possible.    Samuel went ahead and interceded for them and God heard their cry and told him to give them a King.  They met as the Bible records and Samuel anointed Saul.  He also informed them that the donkeys were found.

Why have I talked about Saul’s story?  I learnt a very big lesson that God knows who he wants to put in the authority and no one can hinder that.    It does not matter whether you are bad or good. His choice is always the best depending on His Will.  My friend from the Social Media, might have taken her President in this case (Uhuru Kenyatta) to be a very bad person and yet she does not know Him and that is why she wished him dead.  I will just say, God forgive her for she does not know what she is saying because leaders come from God and not us.  It does not matter whether you are good or bad.  It is only God who knows why he places people in leadership, regardless of who they are, where they come from, who is their earthly father is and so fourth and so on.  This is because, He will always be God and He will always prove that He is.  As much as we object the leaders that God has given us, God’s Will has to pass and no one can object that.  You may ask me, how I take my current President (Uhuru Kenyatta).  I will say this; I have known him from the media since 2002 when our 2nd President (Moi) recommended him to be our next President that time.  And since then, I used to follow up many things he did because I was excited for him being our president that time and I was very disappointed that he did not become.  Another person was chosen as the President (3rd President Kibaki) and I did not wish him death.  I thanked God as much as I was disappointed and I moved on.  But I continued to admire Hon. Uhuru and prayed for him all through.  I am not a clergy anywhere, but I am a child of God and I pray.  One day I was just praying as I was going to work and the Lord told me that (Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta) will be the next president and I started praying for him.  He does not know me nor does he know that someone like me prays for him and I remember I just noted it down in my diary and said if it does come to pass I will know that God speaks to me.  Surely it has come to pass and I am celebrating because I voted him, not because I know him that well.  He might have his weaknesses as I have, but I can never judge him because I will be judged harshly than I judge him but rather I wish him well.  I strongly believe in my heart if he succeeds I will also successed because the Lord spoke to me.  I do not think God spoke to me and brought to us a bad president.  I believe down in my heart that God will use him and he will bring a lot of good things in my country.  I believe in him and as much as I expect a lot from him, I know he may not bring all to pass, but God will anoint another one to continue with the work as he has done with the former Presidents    

Who do I compare him to in the Bible?  There are so many examples that I can compare him with, but for the time being I will compare him to King David.  The Lord appointed him when he was very young and he was with him (1st Samuel 16: 12-13).  David was used of God during his reign.  When I look at my current president (His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta!), I see a lot of potential and it is my prayer that the Lord will be with him.  I know it is not easy but my work will be to pray for him because God has allowed me to pray for him.  It has been so difficult to handle the people around me who are so much against him and I have felt so bad on his behalf.  It has even brought some bitterness inside me and I am just praying that the Lord forgives me deep because I feel so hurt when I hear him being branded so many bad names that are not real.  Deep down in my heart I feel that God has brought him in this far to be the President with a reason and for a season.  That reason has to pass and I know all the difficulties he has sailed through are not because of his might or power but GOD. 

I am not a politician nor do I want to be one, but I want to be an ambassador of peace.  As much as am also getting hurt with the sentiments of my opponents from the people who did not win.  I wish to say that God commands us to live in peace and to love one another as Jesus loved us.  My prayer today is that we all seek God so that He can direct us in what we do, even in cases of choosing our leaders.  The children of God (Israelites) prayed for a King and God gave them.  The kings of this world will always be human being like any other.  But the Son of God is our King who reigns forever and is perfect.  We only need to pray and ask God to be with our leaders and help them to be used of him. 

My brothers and sisters, it is good to seek the will of God in all what we do so that God can be our guide and help us to make the right choices.  We chose a president whom many do not like may be (but I wonder how was he chosen if he is not liked?) but I would say, now that he is the President let us wait and see but not judge!  He is a human being like us, he is bound to fall and arise just as we do.   But can we respect him as the person in authority now?   If he is going to go against God’s will, as we read the story of King Saul, then he will pay the price.  (1st Samuel 15:26)  But if he is going to do the Will of God, then we will all win and celebrate because we all want good for our Land and prosperity!  May the Lord help us and forgive us for not respecting those in authority! May He help us and give us wisdom and courage to pray and stand with them during their reign.


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