Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I was in the bathroom today in the morning and the Lord brought to me something in my mind that I did, that was so daring and weird.  As I started pondering on it I asked myself “By the way Lord, what came up out of this weird thing that I did?”

This is the story … I think it is a year and some months ago, I was taking my younger son to school.  It was around Serena Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.  When I alighted from the bus.  I saw these two beautiful babies sleeping in the morning cold at 7.30 a.m., beside the road.  Immediately I saw them my heart jumped a beat because that was very unusual to see young children being left on their own sleeping beside the road such a time.  People were coming, look at them and pass.  It reminded me of the story of the Good Samaritan.  Then the Lord told me, “Rose, do not pass just come nearer and see what happens.  This is me but everyone is ignoring me.”  I went nearer, looked at the babies who were very dirty, nicely rapped with the dirty clothing’s and a bag besides them, which was also not cleanThey slept peacefully and calmly.  I touched them to feel if they were cold and to my shock they were as warm like they were in an oven.  I could not imagine that because, children that are privileged cannot imagine themselves in such a state.  As I had stretched my hand to touch the children a woman came from nowhere running towards me and it reminded me of the story of Moses and her sister Miriam who was hiding see what happens to Moses when he is found, since they wanted to kill him as the decree was made by Pharaoh that, all Hebrews boys to be killed and girls spared.  

She looked at me with those eyes of - please help me. I asked her, “How are you?  She answered me and I asked her if those were her children. She told me they were.  She is using them to borrow food if I could help her.  Since I did not have any food and cash that particular time, I told her, "Tomorrow I will pass by and I promise I will bring you the food."  I bid her goodbye.  As I was walking away I started crying and my baby asked me why I was crying and I told him I was pitying them because they are not as privileged as he is.  My innocent baby comforted me and told me, “Jesus will help them mum.  Stop crying.”  I told him, “It is okay my baby let us rush to school we are getting late.” We rushed and I dropped him to school.  Then I went back asking God, “What are you trying to tell me about these children Lord” And the Lord gave me and answer and told me that he wants me to reach out to her.  I asked him “How will I do that Lord, yet I have nothing to offer?”  He told me he has given me love, compassion and mercy to offer and it is not about money and to crown it all, the message of Salvation.    Then I asked him “How will I do that Lord?” He told me, “That little you have and sparing for yourself, buy her something and show her that I love her and care about her and more so, I want her to receive me.”  Gosh!  That was not easy my dear friends.  I asked “Where do I start from, first, she is dirty, secondly, she looks not normal and thirdly, will she really understand my language?” 

Anyway, I decided to obey and the next day I passed through the place and found her with the children.  This time round she was not in the hiding.  I gave her some packets of milk and bread.  I dropped my baby to school and I went back to reach out to her.  I asked her if she knew Christ and she told me no.  I told her Jesus loves her so much and he sent me to her this morning to tell her that.  She smiled and thanked me but I could see she was struggling to fathom what i was saying and if i was genuine.  She was dirty, worn out and very weak.  She looked somehow insane and she was not really herself.  I imagined all the pain and anguish she was going through and I really felt so much mercy on her.  I convinced her that Jesus sent me to her because she could see I brought her food.  I asked her if she would like to receive Christ and she told me yes.  Shocked to her answer as i did not expect that,  I led her to Christ and I was very excited as she said the prayer after me.  I later gave her my contact and the Lord told me before I leave, I do something very weird.  He said, “On her behalf today, stand next to her and borrow people money.”  I found that so crazy and funny but I obeyed.  I did not know borrowing money is not that easy for them.  

Guys would pass us as I called them as the Holy Spirit led me and to be honest, not many wanted to hear what I was saying.  People were coming, look at the lady, the children and me with a look on their face and pass.  Those the Lord touched gave me something and I was really happy they did.  I even got numbers from those who gave, though some were not willing to give me their numbers.  From that action of about two hours, I was able to raise 500/= (Five Hundred Kenya Shillings.).  That was not easy for me friends and the look I got from people it could tell it all that I was crazy but crazy for Jesus.

I gave all the money to the lady and I left for work.  As I was walking I asked the Lord “what next, how will she survive for the rest of the days'?”  Then I started thinking of ideas that I can share with her so that she can help herself and stop borrowing.  I thought myself through and said, I will use other people to help me especially those that gave me today and shared their numbers with me.  I sent them all messages to that effect and most of them were skeptical.  There is one man who told me, “That woman has been there for many years, do you think you will make it?” He also told meYou should also be very careful because may be she has been kept there by people who have personal interests” that sounded so unreal because I thought he does not want me to be used of the Lord, though it made a lot of sense.  Then I said, “I will pray about it and ask the Lord to give me directions.”  As I was praying the Lord reminded me of a dream I had that was not good like two weeks earlier.    I dreamt being attacked as I was helping.  The people who were killing people were ruthless and brutal.  So I sought for a hiding place but they still came to where I was hiding and shot me at the back with my friend.  Immediately I woke up and prayed against the schemes of the darkness.  Then the Lord told me, “That dream meant that, you keep away from that woman because you did the part wanted you to do.  I wanted you to lead her to Salvation and show her my mercy.”  I was like “what Lord?”  And he said,  "You have done what I wanted you to do and that is enough.  Now leave the rest to me."  Then I asked him “And who is this friend I am being shot with in the dream?" This is because when I was helping the family, I was not with the person i dreamt with, though the person is someone that i know.  And the Lord told me “The friend was your baby.”  I could not believe what the Lord was telling me as I started thanking him for revealing that to me and also protecting me because, in his service it does not mean things will be smooth but he promises me he will always take me through it. 

A confirmation happened when someone called me from nowhere the next day early in the morning after I passed though the same place and said hello to that lady, but gave nothing since the Lord warned me, but went my way asking God why he said I leave it at that?  The guy who called me said, I should mind my own business because the day he will see me talking to that woman again and helping her, he will shoot me!  I was tongue tied I could not believe what the Lord had just told me to keep off that woman and in the dream I was shot.    I saw the Lord spoke to me through the dream but I did not understand what he told me and had to make my enemy call me personally for me to get it.  What?  I could not believe my ears.  The guy told me he knows I am an agent that comes in the name of God and he does not want anything to do with me.  I should be very careful and keep off if I want to live.    

I wish you could feel the chill that ran my body from head to the toes.   It was not a sweet experience but I loved that God allowed me to be used of him and still put a wedge of protection on me as he knows I cannot do everything I need to do unless he guides and directs me.    That was so unbelievable.  From that day I never used that route again for fear of our lives and I heed the warning. 

But out of curiocity, i would pass there in a vehicle, and peep to see if the woman is there, but I kept on not seeing her.  Now it is nearly a year and months and I have not seen that woman or the children there or near the vicinity.    That is how the thought came my way that I wanted the Lord to answer me in the morning while I was in the bathroom as I earlier indicated.  I asked the Lord, “What happened to her?”  As I am asking myself this, could it be the woman went to be with the Lord?  Remember I prayed with her and she received Christ.  If it is yes, I will say, I thank God he used me to reach out to her.  And if she is still alive, did the Lord uplift her, change her life and may be today she is happy and doing well wherever she is?  Well, all those are questions we ask ourselves when we do good to others and we go our way not knowing what exactly did the Lord mean when he sent us to do weird and crazy things that do not make any sense to any man, but we still obey because the Lord told us. 
Most of the time we will do things on this earth of good as the Lord sends us and we go our way not knowing exactly what transpired later, but he says he is the one who will reward us.  He says he sees all what we do in the secret and records all what we do.  Every one of us will be crowned on the last day.   He will say, "Good faithful servant this is your crown for all what you did when I used you. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him and obey him.  On that day the Lord will tell you, you clothed me and I thank you for that.  You will ask him “When did I clothe you Lord?” Then he will tell you, “You see the day you went to that children’s home and took all the clothes you had, that is how you clothed me.”  He will tell you, “You fed me; you see the day you passed through Serena and bought me those packets of milk and bread, that is when you fed me.”  You are like “When was that Lord?”  He will tell you, “You see this woman and man you see here, they are here because you reached out to them and today they are in heaven because you shared with them the Gospel and they received me, that is why they are here today with me and you.”  And you wonder when did you do that, yet you are not a Pastor because you think it is only Pastors who bring people to Christ and you did it yourself not once, not twice because you are called a priest once you receive Christ!  Remember he has also commissioned you to go preach the Word to all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  And because you were obedient and did what the Lord told you to do, then you will be asking, “When on earth did I really do all these things the Lord is telling me?”  This is because you never kept any record,  but he who sits in the secret place kept his record and He will crown you and reward you with this well-deserved crown and you will be in shock.  The fact that you received him as Lord and Saviour and you obeyed him and allowed him to purge you day in day out.  Then that warrants you a reward and that is why he will be happy that you helped him exten his kingdom as he commissioned you.   

My brothers and sisters do not be people pleasers, choose to please God at all times.  No one will ever notice the good that you do in the secret, but there is one that sees in the secret and will reward you.  Do not let your left hand  see what the right hand is doing.  Just obey God and do every good thing to please him.  Let God see your good works that you do to please him and not man.  Salvation is not about showing off and tearing people apart and making them feel good for nothing.  Salvation is by the Grace of God.  We are God’s disciples.  He has created us all with gifts and talents to honour him with them for his kingdom.  It is not about looking for the riches of this world but looking for the riches of heaven which are eternal and extending the kingdom of God.  For those who are doing all the good works, it is important to note also that, you can do all the good things but if you have not received Christ to guide and direct you through, you will still miss the point.  You need to receive Christ first and then all these other things will fall in place.  He is interested in our souls more than anything else and the works, he just uses them to enable us reach out to others so that they can be children of God and enjoy eternity both on earth and in heaven. 

My prayer today is that, we be the good disciples that God wants us to be.  We should never be judges but let God be our judge and purpose to obey and listen to him.  May the Lord help us to be more like Jesus.  Salvation is a process and all of us we are on the race and we are all at different points.  There are those that are nearing the finishing line, there are those that are in the middle, there are those that are starting the race and so forth.   My friends let us not look at one another, let us focus on the finishing line remembering all of us are wired differently and we will face different difficulties and smooth ways as we run the race and we will all finish at our own time.  The thing is, Jesus is not waiting for the one who will be number one.  Jesus is waiting for us all at the finishing line and it does not matter what number you will be because he finished it for us all on that day at Calvary.  He made us all number one it is only that he wants us to have a personal walk with him so that he can enable us finish well and faithfully for his Glory. 

I hope I have encouraged someone and today we will purpose to have a personal relationship with Jesus who is the author and finisher of our calling.  Do not look at others, focus on Jesus and yourself because each one of us, we will be accountable to God and we will stand alone at his throne and give account of everything that we did on earth whether good or bad. 

Will you want to start a journey with Jesus today?  Kindly say this prayer after me.  Lord Jesus, I thank you that you died for me on the cross and God raised you from the dead and now I believe that you came and died to set me free.  Please forgive me.  I am sorry I have been walking in disobedience, but today I purpose to start a new journey with you, that you will save me and keep me at your safe place.  Write my name in the Book of the Life.  In Jesus Holy Name I Pray.  Amen!  If you have said that prayer my friend, you are now born again.  Look for a Bible reading Church and you will get friends who will walk with you through the journey and you should confess your faith and tell them you have just started the journey with Jesus Christ and they will guide you.  If you have nowhere to call just email me on  

God bless you all and have a wonderful time.  God loves you and so do I!


  1. Wow Rose this is amazing learning so much

  2. Wow Rose this is amazing learning so much

    1. Hi Cynthia Opany! So sorry darling i did not see your reply. Guys do not respond and so, this passed my attention. Now i will be more keen. Great to hear that i made you learn a lot out of my piece! You are amazing if you took your time to read my long writing! I know people struggle reading my articles coz they are long, but with time i will learn to say less but pass the same message. Thank you once more dear!