Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Yesterday on facebook, I "Amen" a post  that encouraged me about, what God is about to do or rather what he is doing behind the scenes for my good. I loved the post and no wonder i liked it and i commented on it.

In the morning when i opened my account, i wanted to check on other things and found many had commented on the same post and i wanted to see what they were saying. Only to find a few did not like it just because the post had a money picture on it.

I felt like just saying something in relation to the post because i made a very long post and i want to make it clear that, when a child of God asks for money, it does not mean they just love money and hate on God. What they are simply saying they are expressing their need in terms of money. We know many have used money in the wrong way, but i know also there are those who have used money in the right way.

Which way do you chose? That is your choice but it should be made clear that everyone needs money and needs money to do things that entail money and as child of God you are not an exception.

This is what i had to write and i guess it will also speak to you because, money has been a very debatable issue in the church and it will never cease being:-

It amazes me to see how people can be judgmental in relation to money. My take about money is this, money is not wrong at all. What you do with that money is what is wrong, if you do it negatively. My friends, i need school fees, i need food to eat, i have debts that i need to pay, i need money to even give in church because i am really struggling in this area, does that mean i should not ask God to open doors for me to have the money? I have a car that i cannot fuel and i walk around, do you want to tell me God gave me that car i walk? I need to support my children financially to pursue what they want to and all that entail money, does telling God i need money wrong?

Sometimes it is good we be very sensitive on what we are talking about because, we all know money is not an answer to everything, but there are things we cannot do without money and that is a fact. Yesterday i was praying about something i wanted to attend to, but because i have no money, i had canceled that issue, but just now, before i even finished writing this, a brother calls me and tells me it has been paid for me already i should not worry. Remember, i did not get that cash in liquid, but someone gave for me to be there. What am i saying? We all need money and no one should judge anyone in terms of money especially when we are so sincere with our God that we earnestly need it to solve some of our financial issues. I do not need to be judged or taken negatively when i pray aloud that i need money. If a brother or sister tells you they need money and you have it and you are in a position to help, please help. When people pray aloud they need money they do not mean all they think is just money. What they are simply saying, is that, they want to be helped financially to sort some pressing issues. Just a point of correction to those who feel uncomfortable when people openly say Amen to posts that relate to money especially children of God. Who said as a child of God you should not have money anyway?

The other day i was in a meeting and someone asked if God came like today in person, and asked you to tell him three things that you want, what would you say? And the Rose who says things before even thinking if anyone will judge her, i said, 1. To live eternally with God. 2. Money and lots of Money 3. To have a family (this i won’t say exactly what i said before i am judged). I remember many people were saying they want wisdom so that they know how to make that money. That is fine because that is their answer. I would have got so upset (felt judgmental in a way) because everyone looked so holy for asking about the wisdom and i am there asking about the money. Well, there is a reason why i said i wanted money; because i know my needs currently need money answer. If God gives me that money in terms of cash, i will appreciate, if God sends angels to come and cancel all my debts, that is fine, if God wants to fill my Bank Account with money that is fine. What i know i need, is money to sort out most of my issues that are at hand right now.
This wanting money does not mean i have no wisdom or i should ask for wisdom to get money. I guess God has given me so much wisdom, what i think i need more is FAITH. Trusting in Him. If i will be challenged with my faith, that then will make so much sense to me because, the many doubts i get when i am down are many and i need God such a time to trust in him that he is my help and i need to depend on him even when i need those finances. Halleluya!!!

Lord hear my prayer today, i need money to sort most of my issues and i know God you are not a man to lie to me. You know every need that i have and you will sort me out. You tell me when i cry out to you Lord, you hear my prayers. It is my prayer today that you will fulfill my hearts desires according to your Will Lord. I wait on you Lord. I wait on you Lord. And when it shall come to pass, all glory and honour will go back to you Lord and i promise i will not keep to myself i will testify of your goodness, kindness, mercy, love and all that is good that comes with you Lord. In Jesus name i pray! Amen!

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