Thursday, 4 February 2016


Yesterday 3rd February 2016 was a beautiful day for me, unfortunately the day ended so badly where I had to take my son to the hospital because someone molested him.  Do not ask anything in details because I felt like killing someone.  Of course I beat my baby out of the frustrations that, how could he be that vulnerable to such a person.  It did not make any sense to him that he had such a beating instead of me sympathizing with him.  Later, the doctor told me, he did not need the beating before understanding what was going on.  (Lord forgive me).   

But I had to discipline him so that he can understand that, he should never entertain a stranger in his life because not all strangers are angels.  I am very sorry for my baby, but they know when mum is not happy with what they do, that is wrong, they will always get the discipline that a mother gives to her children, that is, that stepping and the kicking of a chicken to it’s chick.  Meaning, I do not beat to kill but to show the seriousness of the matter so that it is a reminder that, the wrong was not sweet but painful.  He swore he will never entertain any person to such a scenario and I guess my baby got the point.  The good mother now, had to come to her senses and as I cooled him down and gave him my sweet peck with so much love on my laps, he opened up and I felt the best thing to do is to take him to see a doctor and I also get some counseling. 

My baby in 30 minutes had forgotten the beating and there we were riding together to the hospital.  He kept on telling me I should not beat him again and we should be good friends once more.  I pecked him again on the chicks just to assure him, I am still the sweet mama he knows and I will always be there for him even at the worst point. Not remembering the beatings, my baby just continued being all what boys are meant to be and I would find myself shouting at him to stop playing around as this thing taking us to the hospital was giving me panic attacks.  Long story short, my baby is fine but I have to keep an eye on him always and look for better ways of protecting him as what lured him to the stranger is the games on his phone that he enticed him with.  Please stop holding your breath, my baby was not rapped, but if I did not intervene, one of these days I would be screaming my lungs out.  He is fine.  I thank God. 

But, in that bad scenario, before I encountered it, I was just walking home, feeling tired and worn out, I could not understand why I was walking, but something told me to just give myself courage and stamina to walk home.  I could see the public vehicles meant for my route and wished I was just put on the carrier so that I ease the pain on my legs from the walk and running around Nairobi City.  Anyway, I encouraged myself and guess what?  I found myself at Nakumatt Mega.   When I just popped in, I saw this handsome men suit, tie, belt and shoes on the display.   Wow!  I said to myself, “if I had a man, that shoe, he would have won it on the Valentine’s Day”   Curiosity killed the cat and I could not hold my peace just going home without going inside the shop to see the shoe especially and check the price tag!  Guys, you say women items are expensive, you have no idea!  Men’s items are equally expensive.  Went inside, lifted the shoe and the price did not shock me as such, as much as the shoe cost 23,000/= only.  Man!   I did not see the expense, but I saw the man of my dream in that shoe.  Let me just point out, if that man was there for real, I would have taken an emergency loan just to make him feel that important.  The shoes melted my heart; but guess what?  I put it in my future’s man’s leg by faith and for sure that lucky guy will have to wear that shoe or even better than that one because, I know by that time, that shoe will not be on that display.  And do I say?  . 

Most of the time as women, when it is valentine, we just think about us, as women.  How this man will come our way and do a, b, c, d to us. I would want every woman who has a man by their side as boyfriends, man friends, husbands, Huns, name them, to surprise your man this valentine and make them feel that special.  It is not a must you buy them that 23,000/= shoe, but that small thing, like just cooking for him a nice meal, being good to him on a special day like this.  Just do something that he will always remember and you never know what love you will awaken that died many years ago.  Put your pride down, humble yourself and be the one to someone who does not even think or imagine you can be.  That shoe, I still remember it, and as I was walking out of the shop I told the salesman there, "that shoe was so cute to be there on the display".  He smiled and wanted to know why I said that as he urged me to buy for my man.  I told him, unfortunately I do not have “the man” He could not imagine as he wanted I tell him why that man is not there.  My secret to save the day and not to talk about it, I told him, I am alone by choice and went my way. I wished he knew inside me how I long to have a man beside me.  That will be a dream come true!  Have I just said that?  Yes I have and I am not ashamed to say I am single and ready to mingle.  (Laughs).

What are your plans for this year’s valentine?  I will tell you, you can make the most memorable valentine by just being you and you can choose any person to be your Valentine and make them feel that "special".  A Valentine does not necessary mean it should be someone of the opposite sex, but it can be anyone you love and care about like your mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle, cousin, auntie, nephew, niece name them ...  grand ma! e.t.c.   Just make a point of making this day special to someone who could not have expected it from you and you will bring about a difference of who you really are that, that person will be overwhelmed by you and start taking you differently from what they know or think about you.    My sons are my Valentines this Valentine!  That is my choice, what is yours? 

Have a wonderful Valentines Day and be yourself!

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