Monday, 13 April 2015


As I was growing up, I did not know life had all these lessons for me to learn.  Life is not easy and I bet many will agree with me.  Without going so much deep to all what we go through in life, I have come to realize that God is not a sleep. He is watching and looking at us in all what we do especially our wandering!  When I was small I remember someone saying everyone’s graph is already drawn and God knows exactly what journey you will take and to him nothing catches Him as a surprise.  Remember He has good plans for us all, but because we do not know the plans exactly, most of the time we do our own things thinking that, that is His plan for us.  Usually, we are very wrong.  

I have been there and I am there, and the reason is because I am also human and I have these doubts and thinking that God is doing nothing, that I can help Him as He seem to be wasting too much of my time.  That in short means, I am always impatient and that is one of the catalyst that has made me drug and stagnate for many years.   Lord have mercy on me!  Yesterday, I was in a new church that I am trying to make it home.  Do not question my diversion from the former, because I prayed about it and the Lord said Yes!  What I need to do is to listen to Him more as His instructions were very direct, clear and what i know it is all about me and Him and no third parties here.   This Sunday was my second visit after I was warmly welcomed in the church and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me. Besides the point,  but a good mention so that when we bump on each other you won’t say, but I thought you are in this chur………. Finish the word for me as in it is not about my church but the call that I have by who calls me in His Kingdom.   Hope that point has come out clearly and if not, then as time goes by, you will understand why I just hope from here to there.   I have come to realize it is not about my hopping but doing what I have been called to do.  Exactly!  Sorry for that bit of information that was not meant to be mentioned here, but I can’t tell, why it had to slip it in here.  So where was I?  OH!  'Yeah' this man of God blessed my soul as he has been speaking to my heart directly and I thank God that He sent me there as in, that is the best place I have been in some days’ of my life.  I know God has good plans for me and that is why I can’t trade listening to His voice, to listening to any other voice, as all those other voices make me either make the wrong choices or doubt what God has already ordained for me, as this relationship is not about any other person, but Him and me of course.    

The Pastor last Sunday gave a story about this guy that they were traveling with to Israel, a trip I have always prayed that one day I will also make.   He told us about this story that touched me so much.    There was this guy who was with the team he was in, and he was the only one who did not have a visa to enter Israel.  He had a visa to a certain point, but not to enter Israel.  As the Pastor narrated the story I found putting myself in this man’s shoes as he kept telling as about their journey and how this brother had so much faith that he would be with them in Israel as much he did not have a visa.   Well, that looks crazy to imagine especially for those people who do not believe they need facts to really believe on anything.  What I know is that, God wants us to have so much faith in Him and not on our efforts as they are very futile.   This guy kept on telling others that he will be with them up to the end of the journey.  And the pastor kept on encouraging him.  I thank God for such people like my new Pastor who believe in unbelievable as that means He is a man of Faith too.  Nowadays to find someone who talks positive or encourages you when you say things that look crazy, to be honest that is God speaking through them.  In this world people are full of negative and faithless.  Nowadays I have decided to be doing my things most of the time without consulting anybody because the people who discourage are the majority.  So, Pastor kept on encouraging this gentleman and when they reached the border, this guy was denied entrance as he did not have any visa.  Back at home (Kenya) there was some delays in processing his visa and he went without the visa to Israel as he did not want to be left behind.  When others crossed the other side, they could not leave but wait for God to do something.  As they stood praying and interceding for this brother, nothing seemed to happen and what they decided to do was to continue praying and trusting in God.  The guy waved at them, reckoning to them that it is over I will not make it but you guys continue and I wish you all the best.   Unbelievably he went back alone.  Now here comes my God, something so drastic happened and I shed tears when pastor was preaching, that,  from nowhere before the man was like 100 meters away from the border, the guys manning that border post received a call from Kenya saying that, that guy’s visa was approved and he should be allowed to go in with the others!!!  Man, I could not stop crying this time I was looking for my hankie everywhere to wipe my tears because of the way I could not control myself with my cry.  As in that is so unbelievable that God, came in such a time of hopelessness.  Why was I crying?  Because God is so faithful even when we think He is not?  That fact that He has not yet given up on me, made me cry as in i could not imagine the joy that man had when the Lord came for him.  He has very good plans for us and what we only need is to have faith like that of the mastered seed and He will do the rest for us.  He has done so many things for me that I do not take Him for granted on what mighty things He can do for me.   Just imagine how God had to make people uncomfortable working behind the curtains to make sure that the visa is out just at the right time for this brother?  To be honest, I will not give up on God.  I will keep on waiting upon him and trust that He will walk me the journey even when I meander and think He is doing nothing just because of my impatience.   

The following Sunday which was yesterday the 12th April 2015, Pastor hit the nail on the head again and showed me, that I am not alone when I wander and meander from my destiny.  Abraham the man God credited as righteous of God, also made mistakes on the way.  Pastor reminded me that not only you and me who meanders because of doubt and impatience, even Abraham did it so innocently.  As much as he trusted that God would do everything for him, he lost some hope somewhere on the way when he was nearing his 100 years thinking God had forgotten him.    He realized that Eliezer would be his heir as years were coming up so fast and he did not have an heir.    Remember God had not planned that Eliezer would be his heir. He wanted his own child from his body to be his heir.  Abraham still wandered and thought may be Sarah’s idea would be God’s plan B for him to inherit him and so Hagar Sarah’s maidservant slept with Abraham so that their dream can come true.  Remember still, that was not God’s plan about Abraham’s inheritance.  But for God to act, he had to make sure, Abraham had no other alternatives or option b, c, and d as we always have.   He had to make him that old and weary so that he can come at the end of the tunnel where he understood in a human language he is finished or rather he was too old to sire a child of his own, as Sarah’s womb too was dead.  To them on human perspective (biology), there was no hope to have their own child.  But remember God had promised him and He is not a man to lie to us.   God always wants you to hit the roof so that you will understand it is not about your efforts but about him as there is nothing that is impossible with Him.  Remember most of the time we are not different from Abraham where we take charge thinking God is too late for us or He is doing nothing to meet us at our  very point of need.  I have personally trusted God for a husband and I have really meandered making wrong choices that have left me hurt, humiliated and thinking that something must be very wrong with me, whereas it is not about me, but about God’s time and plan.   As much as I know I have wandered, I have not stopped trusting my God and believing that something good is still on the way.  I loved the way my Pastor was preaching it and making me really get it that at God’s time, He makes all things beautiful that no one can really fathom or understand.  The most important thing here is having Faith in God and believing and trusting that He will do it for you.  Can I encourage you this day? Do not give up.  Hold on to God and at His own time, He will crown all your hearts desires according to his Will and you will be at peace and surely you will acknowledge God is good to you all times.  Be encouraged today and be still and know that God is in control.  God bless you and have a lovely week. 

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