Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Today on 1st April 2015, I woke up filled with the Holy Spirit.  And while i was on the mirror making my hair, the Lord gave me a burden of a friend that i am supporting in a business venture.  I cried to the Lord on his behalf and told God to fulfill what He was showing me in the Spirit in relationship to this business.  After praying i felt peace of God flowing down my heart.   When i came in the office, i read the Daily Nation newspaper as the corruption pictures caught my eyes and i wanted to get all the pictures so that I note the corrupt leaders.   I finished that story on corruption and read about a story of this house girl who has been with this family for 33 years and now she is reaping her fruits of royalty from the family through her hard work and that of her only daughter who was taken in by this family as one of their children and now she is working in a big firm.  As i read that story i could not stop crying and thanking God for my life and many things He has done for me.  But there is this part about the story that touched me to my cry.  Veronica had got another house girl to replace Priscilla because she was pregnant.  As much as she did not throw away Priscilla, as she sent her away to her mother in Kiambu to get better care and good space to take care of her baby, God turned events as the house girl who was brought in to replace her, did not cope well with the children. 

The cry of one child made the Mother remember Priscilla because Priscilla besides her weakness (that is getting pregnant), she did not wrong Veronica at all.  She had planted her seed of hard work, trustworthy, royalty and good rapport with her children and that thought only brought the whole change as Veronica remembered all those good things that Priscilla did to her. Priscilla was returned to her initial job just like that.  But I do not call it just like that but I call it God!  Remember Veronica had to wander about her.  That is not wandering that is the inner voice of God that was talking to her to return Priscilla to her called job.  She harkened to it.  Rushed and picked her and took her in with her baby Martha.  Today Martha is 28 years old and celebrating her joy from that good family of George and Veronica.  Imagine staying with a house girl for 33 years.  That is divine and not a joke.  This story brought me to tears as I was going through a tough time with something that I was really trusting God about.  After the read, I took my phone to call a friend so that she confirms to me if my case has been approved.  To my shock it was approved but no one wanted to call me because it was not fully approved but part of it. 

Let me tell you, I had nothing to say but to thank God for that which was approved because in the first place I had nothing.  As for me I should thank God in whatever he blesses me with.  I might have been in want of the bigger portion but that which he allows for me is the best and fit for that particular time.  I thank God for wandering oops!  Not wandering but touching the heart of my boss to approve that portion that He felt fit for me to get.  The rest I live it to God to do His will because I know God will never let me down, nor humiliate me, nor discriminate me, nor cut my portion, nor pin me down, nor make me unhappy.  God will always be on my side and I believe He loves me so much that is why He never leaves me nor forsakes me.  I thank Him for the courage He gives me to do things that leave many agape wondering where I get my strength.  I will confess.  If it is  not for my God, I do not know where I would be and that is why today I am praising him from the top of my voice and heart ensuring that He is highly lifted.  I did not stop there but encouraged two of my very close relatives who responded that I really lifted them up and they will not go back but get encouraged and run for their blessing from my encouraging words.    

What am I saying?  Please, if God has placed you in a place you can bless someone, please do.  Because God will reward you.  I love Veronica and George’s hearts for accommodating Priscilla and believing in her even when she became pregnant that soon when they employed her.  Instead of pinning her down, they chose to bless her and her baby and today Priscilla is celebrating the life of her sweet daughter Martha.  I am so happy for this family that has given us a good example.  May the Lord help me to help and stand with others when they need me to be there for them as I know this is rare but may He use me such a time to be a blessing to someone.  Amen!  

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