Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Every time you see a swelling in your body and you have no clue what it is, please do not hesitate to go to the hospital to seek for the doctor’s advice. Most of the time we suffer silently not because we need to suffer, but simply because of ignorance. My Thyroid Nodule stayed in my body for more than 7 years just because i was in denial and i did not want the doctor to tell me it was anywhere near cancer. Of-course no wants any cancer to be near them, but this is a reality that is with us. As painful as it is, it is good to prevent, than to cure. As i said, my journey to go to the doctor to ascertain to me, what the swelling was all about, it is through a friend who told me, as in rebuking me, that i should not ignore the swell on my neck. To me it was a wake-up call that i did not want to hear about, as i did not want to hear the worst. This friend of mine, Mary, told me in a way that it was harsh so that i can take things seriously because she did not pamper me or sugar coat it. She told me, "You have to see a doctor because some things are cancer connected"

To be honest, her words to me were so harsh and i thought she does not wish me well. I hated her for some time until the Lord spoke to me one time and asked me if i took Mary's words seriously or i ignored them. I was very sincere with God and told him, actually not only did i hear what she said, but i hate her with passion. And our God is so faithful, kind and merciful; he did not judge me or punish me for my hard heart. He just reasoned with me and told me, "Mary wishes you well. Actually i used her to signal to you that the swelling is not a normal thing". Immediately i turned to God and asked him to forgive me. And i asked him to help me then face my storm. The Lord is so faithful that he guided me throughout the process and at some point when i was in the hospital after i was operated on, i thanked God for the successful surgery and i took my phone and called Mary. I confessed to her that i had sinned against her and i would want her to forgive me, because after she broke to me the news about the nodule, i did not take it kindly. I told her that i was calling her to thank her for being my point of connection to the reality that, if I continued ignoring about the Thyroid Nodule, then it would have turned out to be a disaster in the future because, the doctor told me, such swellings usually turn out to be cancerous.

Her confrontation helped me take a positive and bold step to see a doctor and not to ignore any more. As i write this, i am still in the healing process after a very miraculous surgery that is a story to tell because i never had any cash to go to the hospital, but the Lord came for me, money was provided miraculously and many debts that weighed me down, i was able to pay. And since, God has been very faithful.

I thank God also for my son Collins Munene because, he is the only one who understands what i have been going through. I cannot count even the responsibility he has to wake up every morning and prepare his small brother to go to school in the morning while i sleep because when i wake up so early in the morning i cough so much to a point that i cannot go to work. He has religiously done this for some time now, before and after my operation so that by the time i wake up, he has prepared my bathing water so that i get in the bathroom and shower very fast before the cold starts affecting me, and make the breakfast so that immediately i am from the bathroom i take it warm to give my body warmth. The responsibility my son has such a time, it is only a husband that can do, but I thank God, he has put my son in that gap to be there for me in time of need such a time. Not forgetting now, he is like a house girl. So, when someone judges my son so harshly and calling him names that does not soot him, I wish they could be in his shoes. Instead they could be crowning him as a hero. Taking care of her mum, the brother takes a man to be there for his family, and that takes God. Collins is a man enough and i thank God that such a time when even i cannot afford to pay a house girl, he is there for me. I won’t mention other things that he is doing that will touch people’s hearts, because my intention is not to be pitied but to just help people understand where we are coming from and where we are going and tell that, God is giving us a testimony to help you one day or even as I talk because, to me this is a testimony. 

The main agenda in my writing this note is not about my son, but it is a wake-up call to us all that, WHEN YOU SEE A SWELLING IN YOUR BODY, DO NOT IGNORE IT BUT SEEK FOR MEDICAL ATTENTION! I thank God because he loves us just the way we are. I thank God for the storms that he has passed me through because it is through them that he has made me this strong, dependent of him and very hopeful that he will one day vindicate me, make me victorious and i will be a living prove (Testimony) that God is so faithful, he can never give you a storm that you cannot bear. He is also very faithful, that, even if you are tempted, he will give you a way to overcome it. Today, i want to thank God for helping me make that hard choice, to obey him even at a time i did not want to, because he wanted good for me and not harm. As i continue with the journey of full recovery because healing is a process. I give God all the glory and my prayer is that he will reward my son one day and crown him a King in all that he does for his glory. Amen!

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