Thursday, 4 June 2015


Today I woke up feeling so bad about people who take advantage of others.  I am saying this because most of the time, we claim to have many friends and little do we know all these friends are pretenders and are not ready to walk with us in our strongest point to even our weakest point.  It is very disappointing to see someone you really trust, can talk behind your back or does something you did not expect them do.  When we come across such encounters we get so offended to a point we also pretend to them they did not hurt us and yet inside us we are hurting or looking for ways of venting and revenging.

As days go by, I have come to realize the best thing to do is to have a  few friends and build on those friendships.  I know it cannot be a very easy thing to do in the world of today, but it is good to be vulnerable to a few people than a multitude of people who will always laugh at you and wish you the worst every time, when you think they are supporting you.   Most of the time the many people you have as friends will gang up to fight you, and you wonder how come all of them treat you the same.  The fact is that, they have ganged against you/colluded to fight you and they will never treat you well nor wish you well.    

It is still very unfortunate that the same people you share with your victories and weakness will make sure you do not enjoy your victories and will also use the weaknesses to pin you down to a point that you can’t even raise your head.  If you can have a few friends, whom you will be vulnerable to, then it will be easy to handle such friendships because there is no guarantee they will be 100% good to you, but you will try to be the person who is in sane and help them bring sanity in the world of today that is full of uncertainty.   What I mean here is that, you will be the peace maker and they will emulate your good and thus have a circle of friends who have value for each other and love each other genuinely without judging each other and taking advantage of each other.  When you do this, you will bring the difference in the friendships, where you will love unconditionally, respect even if you are not respected as respect is earned,  tolerate some things as you work on how to deal with them accordingly,  know what to say, when and how to say it, take care of your vulnerability so that you are not taken advantage of,  be ready to serve others rather than wait to be served, in case you hurt someone be the first person to say you are sorry and make up very fast instead of creating a mountain out of a molehill,  be the first to see something bad coming and you fight it before it catches up with you and your friendships and embrace many other positive aspect that brings about good and cherished friendships, that I have not mentioned in my examples.      

It is also good to realize that friends come in your life for a reason and for a season.  When that season and reason is over then you are allowed to let go when that time comes and wait for the next season and reason.  It is important to know that we are all human beings and we reason differently but still can be used positively to bring about constructive attributes rather than the negative ones to make our World good and enjoyable to live in.    It is also important to make a note on working on yourself first as it will be easy to relate with others whether they agree with you or not.  Remember not all will like you for who you really are.   To crown it all, have a personal relationship with God as he will guide and direct you in all what you do.  Today, I have decided to pray for all those who have hurt me in one way or the other.  If you are reading this and maybe I have crossed your way, please, I beg you, forgive me and let us walk in love and respect each other.  This world is very small I do not know where I will meet you, as may be, you will be the person who will help me or connect me to my destiny.  Love, Peace and Unity is a song I have chosen to sing from today henceforth.         

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