Thursday, 28 May 2015


I hate politics but sometimes i am forced to engage in it once in a while as it is affecting me left, right, top and bottom.    When I pick newspapers and see how people react towards our President, I wish I was a fly, I fly all the way to their ears and be the irritating insect that jumps and enters in ones ear so that they become restless and uncomfortable, so that they can behave and know how to talk and especially to their President.  It is very painful to see the kind of leaders we have in our country, who are teaching our children bad manners and behaviours and we think we will ever bring change while we are impacting these phenomena so deeply through the children we are raising and leading.  It is sad when we sing all over how our President has failed and I wonder, do you want him to come even to your homes to lead your children.  Remember we are all leaders and we should start leading from our homes and not at the top country level only.  I know Kenyan’s are to be blamed because of the people they elect.  I will say this has been a scapegoat about the people we elect.  Remember there are many Kenyans who elect the right people but the ones who come to the leadership are the majority who are evil because they have manipulated people to sing their songs through their bribes,  fake promises where they take advantage of them using the very problems they have to be helped.  When someone comes and brings water, food and shelter for only a month we think that is the person who will help us, not knowing he is just blinding us with what we really need and that is the man we run for instead of looking for God and asking him to direct and connect us to the right people who are the few but are never put in positions just because they do not bribe and have no big support and crowds to back them up.  If you can stand before of a multitude and say words that are not worth to be said by someone like you ‘leader’ do you think you are doing good to your children and the people that are around you?  If you can also stand before men and tell them how you are going to bring change to them and when you get the position you are fighting about the money allocation and for the last two years you had the allocation that has not helped even a chicken, surely are you fighting for justice?     

I love the opposition but I hate the opposition that I see in Kenya in all areas it does not matter in homes, schools, work places, churches and the entire country.    The opposition we always get is not opposition to bring good change but fights, chaos, abuses, lack of respect, competition, jealous and many negative aspects that I have seen that I believe is not good opposition.  Today I want to talk as a leader from the blues but I have strong words to pass because I am this leader who is powerless but very powerful when it comes to expressing myself through my writings that are not published.  But I believe the few that will back me in the secret will stand with me and pray and ask God to give us wisdom so that we can affect and influence those that are around us positively and not negatively.  I am a fighter of justice, peace and harmony and I feel sad when I see everyone crying and looking for where to get help and they cannot.    May the Lord give us leaders who will focus on God and not human beings so that he can lead us in the right direction.   I love my country so much and I would never want anything bad to happen to my country and that is why I am waking up from my slumber and join those who are impacting the world in the silence and bring good and hope in our land.     

When a whole leader stands in a podium addressing the whole world and telling Kenyans how our President is operating under phobia and not looking so far what he has done, but just talk the negative instead of the positive, my heart bleeds as I say no to that and let me scream it out from my ribs.  You cannot be a leader way before my President was born and make noise towards him while you came in this world before him and you should be the one ruling and bringing all those changes and goodies you are talking about but not thwarting his efforts that he is trying to put to clean up the mess first that you left for him to come and lead from.  It hurts me so deep to see that, instead of supporting our President and helping him lead us well, you are there fighting him and making his leadership the hardest thing ever and you go on having sleepless nights making noise all over with your big mouth that can never be shut.  Instead of using the same big mount to proclaim peace, love and unity that will bring the good things we want in our country.  

Let me tell you today, you who is fighting the man God has elected.  You will pay a dear price for all what you are doing.  Remember it is not anyone who put President Uhuru Kenyatta in power.  It is God who did it.   It does not matter how you look at it.  That is your opinion only yourself can respect and can stand for.  But for us who know God and the God who we serve with our hearts, mind and soul.   We are convinced that He was picked by God. 

My point here as a Servant of God let me warn you all, before a calamity befalls all those who are making this reign difficult.  You will not see the goodness of the land when the Lord restores our country but your children will eat the fruit because they will be shocked by what the Lord will have done through you and it will be a big warning to them not to do what you are doing.    They will be forced to obey God and not a man because you are full of idols that you have made gods that have brought pain and havoc in our country.  No one is superior to our God and I will stand up and say, there is no man superior to God in our country Kenya.  Those gods you have put there so that you make them become a thorn in the flesh to our President Uhuru Kenyatta, God will strike them all and you will be shocked at what He is going to do soon.  He has already warned you through a few things he has done that have no explanations even after putting up forensics to see into them.  My dear friends you will be shocked by what the Lord is going to do.  You have become stubborn in the things of God and what you only want is the riches of this world and you have put the poor man in more pain and distress. The Lord in Heaven is seeing all this and when his wrath comes, no one should say we were never told.  My message today to everyone who is reading this message is, mind your big mouth and respect and honour the men in Authority.  If David himself could understand that point so clearly whereas he had all he had to kill that man (Saul) and take over because there were many chances for him to do that, but look at what that man of God did.  He waited for his time. But while he was waiting, he was not fighting Saul but he was serving his people fighting for them and defending them by doing things practically by fighting for them and giving the best example of leadership and not making noise that has no basis and fueling anger, pain and distress to the people.      I am posing a question for you leaders both in opposition and in the ruling parties.  My friends, what are you doing to the people that chose you, so that you bring change in their lives?  Were you put there to enrich yourselves and make all the mess we are seeing around us?  Look at our country, it is full of corruption, jealous, fights, diseases, fear, poverty, killings and many other things that we selected you to go and fight against, and especially for us people who are powerless but depend on you our leadership.  I am telling you those in leaderships, be it in the homes, villages, societies, communities, counties, countries, continents, and the entire world.  If you won’t stand in your places and influence the good that is expected, calamity is coming and will fall on us all because of ignorance, lack of obedience, self-control, greed, selfishness and injustice.  God in heaven is seeing all what is going on. We have taken advantage of the goodness that the Lord has given us and we are forgetting it is because God loves us Kenyans so much.   I wish we could have a glimpse of what other countries that are in torment and distress are going through.  That pain cannot even amount to our lack of food in our country for a day.  Why can’t we love God with all our heats, mind and soul and seek him so that he can show us the way?  I am not prophesying doom here, because God is speaking to us Kenyans. The rains can tell you of the love the Lord has for us Kenyans, the vegetables are singing in awesome of our God.  Look at our country a day like today 29th May 2015.  It has taken many years to see such a climate and the food that is all over for us.  That is a sign that the Lord has heard our cry for those that are praying in our private places.  The Church has cried to God and asked for forgiveness from the Lord.  He has heard us, as the Lord is telling it all through the land vegetation and the green from the rains.    My dear friends let us respect God and love him with all our hearts.  To the Church, the Lord has heard our prayers and He says let us not give up on Him.  He is faithful and He is in control.  He has given the mandate to the Church and we are continuing to pray.  But he is saying let us not see the green and the plenty in the land so that we stop praying and trusting him.  He says let us continue loving him and walk in purity and obedience. He is going to do great things in our Land.  He is going to restore us and give us all what the devil has always fought against us.  But he tells us not to stop praying, fasting and obeying his word.  Arise! you who are called by him to serve him in the little and in the big places.  You have been placed by God and the Lord will lift and honour you.   He will restore your family, He will restore your homes, He will heal your land.  He will heal your bodies, He will bring hope where it has never been, He will crown his minority to majority, He will wipe all our tears, He will put gladness in our hearts. He will comfort us because it has not been easy in a long time, He will be lifted and glorified in this place our Land KENYA.

Lord hear us and come for us.  We need you every day in everything we do.  LONG LIVE KENYA!  Lord guide, direct, protect and give our President Uhuru Kenyatta  and his team wisdom, favour and patience to takes us to the next level. In Jesus Name I pray!  AMEN!!!!!!

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