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Every time I come here on this blog of mine, I pour out to you, all I have in my heart, not because I do not know what I am doing.  I post all what I post in relation to what I go through or face, just as a way of encouraging you, that, you are not alone when you go through what you go through.  The purpose of writing it down and saying as it is, is because I want to share what I have an experience about and not hear say.  Thank you so much for all the people who open and read my blog.  I am shocked as in from the time I started posting I have over 1700 people who have opened my blog.  It is my hope and prayer that they open and read not just flip on it and close.   I will not take it for granted because you are my unseen funs that I encourage and I pray that the Lord speaks to you through my writing.   To be honest I am not an expert I just write from my heart and I have never gone to any school of writing as you can see I write just like a lay man and not an expert.  As I said again on another post, I am not even a Pastor.  So just understand I write all this from a personal point of view.  My prayer is that, do not look for the expertise in it, but look at what the Lord is teaching or saying to you.  That is the most important point. I will also apologize that sometimes I find errors much later when I have posted my script which is not a very good gesture, but in future, I will be more careful. 

In 2011, I was going through a very tough time in my life, which included a very bad experience with my second born baby pregnancy in 2009.  That was a tough pregnancy and I always dread it.  At the same time I had a battle from my place of work.  I remember I had just finished a three days fast and immediately after the fast, one day when I walked in to my office, my boss who never used to talk to me or ask me anything, just came in and started throwing words towards me that were so intimidating and very embarrassing.  Somehow, I reacted out of it and I blew it out of proposition.  I told her what was exactly in my mind that really intimidated her and made her feel looked down upon.    I understood so well that she did that so that she can clearly tell me that she did not like me nor did she want me to work for her any more.  But that moment was a very good moment to part ways in a dramatic way that it was, which was also a prayer answered because I was tired of the way I was treated in that office and  little did she know I was also waiting for the moment too.  Immediately she told me to pack and go, I did exactly that and left her office.  Of course as I write, it sounds a very small misunderstanding which resulted to a small confrontation, but those who were there in real sense, saw the real drama because it was not just a joke confrontation from a boss and her secretary.  To cut the long and not so sweet story short, I left that office and went to report to the Human Resource Manager who of course would support my boss and not me as it has always been with the system of Civil Service.    Of this I knew, but my prayer was that am not sacked but just disciplined because of my insubordination behaviour which was on purpose.  I did that not because I am a terrible person, but I wanted to show my boss that I had just kept quiet all the time not because I did not see her frustration and intimidation, but I knew I was just there for a reason and a season, of which the end of the season had come, though it came the hardest way and in a drama like show.  As I said in my earlier post, people do not reason with me most of the time.   I do not know why, especially people that are negative and who look down upon others.  That experience forced me to be sent home for three days off so that they deliberate on where else they can transfer me to.  Thanks be to God it was to be a transfer and not a sacking.

After the three days, I was posted to another office that was equally the same, but this time round the person I was sent to, claimed to be born again and a pastor.  To me I was so excited that this time round I have fallen in the right hands.  Little did I know that even a pastor or whoever claims to be an angel is not one until you prove him/her wrong.  We had a good time and worked peacefully and harmoniously until the devil came in to interfere with the peace.  I remembered just the other day that I survived in that office without promotion, training, allowances and other benefits that I was entitled to in that office just because I treasured the peace that was so good for me for more than one and half years.   I did not realize that I dressed so badly, I ate very poorly, I struggled financially and I did not grow at all since I went in that office.  But there is one growth that I had grown, which was the Spiritual Growth.  I had a good time with my God because going through what I was going through, I needed God.  Thus I did not realize the pain I was going through.  When the intruder came in to separate me from my boss, of course it was also not a very good scenario also because the woman who came to bring these problems that resulted to my transfer, had calculated very well how she will go about it.  She started bringing him, porridge, food, fruits and the likes just to entice him and not to forget the work which she was trying to help him in as an expert in that line as they were working as a team.  To me, there was no big deal because that was their business and I was minding mine as an Administrative Assistant.  Not long did it go after I had worked with my boss for more than 1 year and 8 months, claims started coming from my boss that I come to the office late and leave early.  Something I did since I went to that office because I had a small baby.  We had agreed with my boss when we do not have a lot of work I can to go work at least one hour late and leave early so that I rush home to attend to my baby.  But that point in time, he could see it was a mistake or a problem when this woman came in.  Little did he know that this woman was using it as a strategy to kick me out of that office not knowing it was a directive that he had given me prior to her coming in, to help me take care of my new born baby.  I tried to reason with my boss, but he could not take what I was telling him and he banked on all what this woman was telling him.  The Rose you know from my past stories that enables you understand where am coming from, became real and told them what was in store of them all those days she was quiet.  The words were not kind as my earlier experience from my former office and they felt like little children because I exposed to them the affair they had that they thought I was not aware of.  I made sure that they get what they wanted to hear from me that I had kept to myself so that they also know my other side which is not very sweet especially when an enemy attacks me.  He reported me to the Human Resource Manager, and do not want to know the punishment that I was awarded this time round but I will tell you even though.  It was the worst of all but also my pay back for my disobedience which is a norm to anyone who disobeys and it is allowed because out of it we always learn our lessons positively or negatively depending on the kind of the disobedience.  I had just finished my 21 days fast and immediately I finished it that is when the drama started and I was transferred.  I was still again praying to my God that something not very bad be done to me  because I knew deep down my heart all what I was doing was intentional because of what the devil was trying to frustrate me on, pulling me down so that I do not reach my destiny.  But because God has good plans for me, something had to happen to remove me there and in my case it was not going to be a good thing but I always do not mind when my God comes knocking to sort me out.  I always take it positively whether it looked good or bad because at the end of the day, the Lord will fight my battles and will direct my peace.  Then, the Lord reminded me as his child I will go through all these pains, not because he is not aware, but because he wants me to go through the fire and since he is with me and he is training me to walk in his ways, then, I have to be tested in the hardest way for me to go to my next level.  Of course, no one would love to go through pain in order to go to their next level but I will tell you, the intense of your pain will also marry the responsibility, strength, and power for that next level he is taking you.  I remember asking God, why he would allow something like that to happen to me and yet I had just come from prayer and fasting for 21 days?  You can imagine that!  Put yourself in my shoes you would wonder the same.  But I was reminded of Jesus when he fasted for 40 days. He was not spared either, after that fast, he was tested by the devil.  Anyway, the Lord showed me something after my verdict was reached on what discipline I should get after in-subordinating my second boss in that Ministry.  I was equally this time round very scared because I knew that, it was the second bladder with a heavier punishment.  So they resolved to transfer me to another Department out of the Headquarters that was so far from my house.  When I was told where I will be posted, I asked of the Lord, is it a good place?  The Lord told me to refuse to be taken to that one, but chose another one which was also the same in relation to the punishment but towards my house.  When I told my bosses the alternative place I would have loved them post me which was equally the same in terms for the punishment, they were very comfortable with my decision and I was written for a releasing letter to the place which the Lord showed me that,  I will be there as a Daniel in the Den!  At that time I did not understand why God equaled the place to a den of Lions, but he had given me a vision in relation to it, but since he told me the place that you have been sent is not a bed of roses, but a very hard place for you, he wanted me to be strong and know that he will be with me and take heart because he will be with me as he was with Daniel.  I closed that chapter knowing what it entailed for me though I had not experienced the place.  He prepared me in advance through the vision. 

I reported to my place of work which kinder looked rosy compared to where I had come from but as time went by it really became a Den of Lions.  People started hating me from nowhere; I was given the wrong office to work.  Things became bad on my side.  I even had a very bad accident that no one was even ready to say sorry to me.  Actually people behaved like they would have loved if I did not make it after the accident.  I went through a very bad depression and no one showed any kind of sympathy or concern on what I was going through.  Things became so tough on my side.  I even tried to go to my Head of Secretarial to ask for a Ministerial transfer and I was told the next place they could afford transferring me since there were no good places to be taken, was worse than even where I was when they mentioned the place.  I just opted to remain in the den I was thrown to than the paradise I was praying to be taken.   I rested my case and told God to help me and guide me as I struggle in the den.  To be honest this is the time now am seeing what the Lord was showing me that time.  That, after he rescues me from this den, surely, he will lift and crown me.    Fortunately or unfortunately, all the people who were intimidating and frustrated me that time are not doing well.  Actually, one of them was stopped work; the others are struggling in their places of work in relation to what happened when the new Government came in.  The Lord is lifting me today.   I am healed from the  depression and I am waiting my next posting which came from God and it a posting for a better office, with better pay and other good things that I have wished for in life.  I celebrate my Lord for this far he has brought me.  Today, I look different not because I have earned more salary, but because I have the peace of God which surpasses all the understanding.  When he elevates me to my next level, I will go there in mind that he is the one who has elevated me for his glory and not mine.  I celebrate the Love that the Lord has for me not because of my goodness or badness, but the relationship I have with him which is a strong relation that enables me understand that, when he passes me through a storm, is not to punish me but to take me to my next level so that he can use me for his Kingdom.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of Salvation that has set me free and is taking me places and making me who you want me to be awaiting your coming which is soon! 

I want to encourage you today my reader.  The devil has been doing things behind your back and on your face to curtail you from reaching your destiny; I want to tell you, do not give up.  As long as you are on God’s side, do not be shaken.  He will give you the courage and strength to face the giant.  And once you are out of the test, God is going to elevate you and crown you. Remember the most important thing here is that you know him as your Lord and Saviour.  The journey, he will walk you through it whether it will be rough or smooth.  Not because you are too good or too talented, but because he has chosen you and called you his own.  He understands you just the way you are with your strengths and weaknesses.  You do not need to make up anything, you only need to surrender to him and he will cover you with his righteousness and he will start walking with you and making you whole to the end of time.  Do not be scared to make that decision today of accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  If I did not do that, years back, I do not think I could overcome all the temptations and storms that the Lord has enabled me pass through.  I give him all the glory and honour and now I understand why he has been training through the hardest way.  He has something so great in store for me. 

God bless you all and be encouraged from my testimony.   

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