Monday, 9 September 2013


Oh yes, I was looking for a title to my article today and I could not find one.   I have wanted to put a point cross but did not know how to put it.  All the same, yesterday night I had a dream that has prompted me to express what I feel I should share with you my friend.  It was a very weird dream because I have never sat down and thought about this person I dreamt with.  Most of the time when I dream, there are some dreams I brush off, but there are others that I do not brush off, but want the Lord to tell me what exactly did he mean with that dream because it looked funny and weird but I know he is telling me something.  

I will share about my dream and I will ask you not to judge me but take the dream as you hear it and do not make a fuss out of it because to me, it is a serious dream and I am very serious as I write it because I am writing it down now so that when the Lord tells me what he really means with it, I will come back and share it again here on this platform because this is not a dream that I take lightly. 

I was dreaming with the President of Republic of Kenya, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta.  He had come to visit me in my house.  When he came, he did not come to me as the President of Kenya, but he came just like a kawaida person (not as the president but an ordinary person).   He did not come to me with the motorcade and the security as he normally does in real scenario as a President.  But he shocked me that he came to visit me and the concern he had for me.  I was very excited that he came to visit me, but he was not comfortable with the way I was living.  My life was down.  My house was tinny and was not conducive for me and even to him in his caliber but he put it very politely and asked me if I can get a bigger house of 15,000/= at Uthiru!  Then I looked at him and asked him, at Uthiru!  Then he told me,  yes Uthiru!  I do not know how that conversation ended, and we started watching an album and I had his pictures when he was young.  He told me he loves his baby pictures because they make him remember many things in his childhood.   I told him I too love my baby picture that I love and showed him.  Then after that, I do  not know what  happened but I was left  very excited that the president came to visit me and not any other person in that level.  I may not exactly tell the dream per say, but I remember two people I was talking to in my dream, that now people will know me and will stop joking with me because they know who I relate with!  Lol!  Let me not go there but just look at what I really valued in this episode that I had that fellowship with him.  Just that!  It may look awkward and crazy if that is what I would need from a President.  I was not even offended that he could recommend me for a house of 15,000/=, and just leave me without even giving me a fortune.  This is the President of the country I mean.  He should have done something for me at least!  Anyway, let me not go there but I do not know why he did not give me anything of value.  In real sence, would I really want to have someone of that caliber and would give me nothing?  Definitely no!  But my God that I serve is a mighty God.  He tells me I ask him for anything I want and he will give me.  I may have expected a lot in my dream but fellowship sometimes can be of value than any other thing in this world. That goes together with friendship!

Well, I have shared my dream.  But I am yet to know what the Lord is telling me about it because to me, it is a deep dream.  Why Uhuru Kenyatta?  Well, I admire him so much and I pray for him.  He is my President.  But why dream with him.  Why would he be at my level and share with me his beginnings and make me his friend.  It amazes me.  In a natural way, I have my personal interpretation that I am not going to put down here because that is my personal life interpretation, but I would want to relate it to my spiritual life.  I have been battling to make people understand who I am, why I am who I am, why I behave the way I do and so on.  But it has become futile.  I have worked for a long time to make people understand me but it is hard to make people understand you.  It is only God who knows who you are and what purpose he has created you for.  Do not worry about what people think about you.  You are you and God created you just the way you are for his Kingdom.  He has a reason to make you that talkative and very emotional like me for a reason.   I have come to realize I am very different from many people and one time I did a profile to know about my personality and I was told my people type (those with the same personality as mine) are one out of a thousand people.  I used to blame why I was created the way I am because most of the time people do not understand me.  But now, I understand why God created me the way he did and I am following my purpose so that I may enjoy the fruit of my personality in the Kingdom.  In the morning when I woke up, I found myself singing this song by Israel Houghton from my heart  I am  not going back, I am moving ahead, Here to declare to you, my past is over, in you all things are made new, Surrendered  my life to Christ, I am moving, moving forward”.  And I remember I continued singing it even when I woke up.  But I will confess to you that, you can only sing such a song when you are walking with your Lord and you are ready to be used of him.    I am so excited to know that I can brag around and say the God that I serve, is a Mighty God!  I may have wanted to relate with the President in whatever relationship, but that relationship can never reach the relationship that I have in Christ.   

He is my true friend.  He is my Healer, He is my deliverer, He is my all in all.  Lord I love you.  I thank you that you restored me to you.  I am enjoying the fruits of being in you daily and I can’t lie, I won’t trade you this time with anything.   You alone you are my God and my everything.  I can’t really explain what I am feeling inside my heart because it is awesome.  He has been very faithful to me.  He has healed me two depressions in a year.  He has restored and healed me deep.  And I give all the glory to my Father in Heaven.  The devil thought he got me and wanted to tear me up.  But I am here to confess that the Lord held me up and made sure I am not dead. (He has always told me He will never leave me nor forsake me) Joshua 1:5 No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Two major scenarios that were directed to kill me but the Lord saved me and I give him all the glory and honour.  He is my Good God.  No one can be compared to him.  He alone can heal, restore, forgive, love, mend, and many many many other things but let me tell you my friend, He can only do that if you proclaim him as your personal savior.  Have a personal relationship with him and he will never let you down.  Just come to him the way you are!  It does not matter what you have done or where you are, just surrender to him and you will be amazed.  I had no joy and peace some months ago.  I never enjoyed anything.   But I cried to the Lord and asked him to forgive me and heal me.  Today I am enjoying my fellowship with him and he has given me peace and joy.  Had I not surrendered to him I do not know where I would have been and if I would have made it in my storms.   

Do not wonder how this relates to my dream.  I will say most of the time we want to be associated with very powerful people so that we can be seen how powerful we are.  We forget that the human power will fade away.  The person that you can relate to and you can never go wrong with is the Son of God Jesus Christ.  This is the God that I serve.  Today I will not work hard to make anyone understand the God that I am serving.  No!  I have surrendered my life to him and I have given him all.  Watch this space because I do not need to tell you the God that I serve.  You will just know in a short while that I serve a Mighty God who calls me his Child and I am not ashamed to be called the Child of the Most High God.  Because I know He is my God!

Which God do you serve?  Who is behind your Joy and everything that pertains to you?  Can you just have a moment and reflect the God that makes you wake up every morning and go to that office, the God that has given you peace, the money you have talked about that makes you happy, that family that you love so dearly, the lovely car and so on and forth!

I want to tell you that Jesus loves you so much.  Just give him that space and he will guide you.  I do not mean when you come to him you will not have any trouble.  No.  I am just encouraging you because I have been there wanting recognition, love, and the rest and no one seem to understand me.  But he knows me.  He knows your name, he knows everything about you.  He sees each tear that falls and he hears you when call.  

God bless you and be encouraged that you serve a mighty God!

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