Tuesday, 4 October 2011

God listens to all prayers!


I was really encouraged when i read a story written in Our Daily Bread and i had to write my story too on the same.  How many times do we thank and praise God?  Only when he is doing something good to us?  I have a testimony.  On the 23rd November, 2010, in the Morning when I left the house at around 8.00 am, I told God to help me do something that I was feeling it is hard for me to do.  I had parked my car somewhere that I could not remove on my own because the Lord had just blessed me with my first car and I was still a learner with an “L” sign stuck on it.  Actually I did not bother to call anyone to help me coz I said I should do it so that I learn on my own.  When I prayed, it was such a short prayer which was, “God help me remove this car from here safely”. Amen.  I prayed because I did not want the worse to happen since I had seen where I was, there could be a danger coming because of lack of expertise in reversing the car the reason being that the car was parked behind a building in my estate which is a flat and on my left side there was no way, on my left there was a car parked just next to mine and where I was supposed to reverse there were stones so my concern was not to hit the car next to me on my right, not to reverse on the stones towards my right and not to enter in the ditch coz on the left side there was a ditch right where I was supposed to come out from but I was to be very careful when coming out and I had to do it anyway and see if I am an expert since after doing that I would know am a true driver.   

Well, I prayed and moved.  But guess what!  The worst happened and I asked God, but I prayed?. I was right inside the ditch and to make the matters worse I was in the car with my little baby Calvin 1yr and three months who was left by my house help because she realized that I had left her without cooking oil in the house.  So, she followed me so that she can remind me that I have left her behind without the cooking oil.  I told her, to go back in the house and bring the money I left on the shelf in the sitting room since I did not have money with me to spend.  So she rushed back to the house to pick the money.  So, I thought, now that she has gone, I can be reversing the car and face the direction that I was going so that I am ready to go because I was even late for work, that is when I reversed unfortunately I miss-calculated and entered in the ditch with the baby in the car the baby had no safety belt nor did I have them on.  And the Lord reminded me that it is true I had prayed and He knows that I prayed.  So, because the Lord knew I had prayed and answered me I said let me then start thanking God.  I did not curse why I entered in the ditch but came out of the car and I laughed instead of crying.  I started praising God inside myself and looking for assistance from people who had started coming from different directions

Let me tell you, I had a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Instead of crying i was praising God and laughing inside myself.  I looked at my baby he was just slightly frightened because he wondered why I was not driving more and we were inside a ditch.  The good part of it is that I did not go in a bung I was in the ditch like I really wanted to fall into it or I had purposed and yet I had not because the car did not bang and no one was hurt nor moved.  So I came out of the car and I was shocked to see where I was.  It was bad I wondered how I will remove that car.  Unless I call those who have the cranes to come and pull my car, then I did not know how I was to come out of it.  So neigbours started gathering around and looking at the car.  Some were laughing, others were surprised, others were wondering, others were concerned, but still called them.  I remember one person that I called and he said “God has heard my prayers today.  I told him how?  He said, “Because yesterday I slept hungry and now I can see I will have food, God remembers us and He knows when we have problems”.  The message he was driving home here was, he will help me with his friends but I have to pay them.  I answered him and told him that, if God wanted me to get in the ditch so that he can eat, then, may His will be done because I did not have that idea.  What I wanted is that they help me take the car out of the ditch because I could not take out myself alone unless I called the people with a crane to come and remove it, but the other alternative was to call those who were near to help me push it so that it can come out.  When they all came and started pushing the car, it refused to come out and I suggested to them, that I get into the car and put the reverse gear and reverse while they were pushing it out.    To my surprise, my car moved out very fast and I was not in the ditch anymore.  They did not even use that energy they thought they would use and my car had no damage.  My baby too and I had no scratch and I thank God for his protection.   Very true I had to give them 200/= that was in my wallet and I understand they shared it to themselves I do not know how.  When I was in that problem they were wondering why am I not crying and i was at peace.  And within a short time of period I was out of my problems and all those who witnessed were shocked because they thought the worst would have happened to my car but God helped me and nothing terrible happenedl.  I thanked God and gave God all the Glory and I went on praising God and thanking Him for he was so faithful on me and showed me His favour by answering my prayers even when I was in my problems because He knows my problems even before i know them and He will always save and deliver me.  

I went on with my journey to work and I realized time had really gone and it was past 8.00 a.m. and am supposed to report at 8.00 a.m. I called my boss and told him I will be late since I had that problem that I had solved but I was late for work and he told me it was alright.  While on the way I asked myself, why didn’t I wait for my house help to come and may be check for me the car before I move because if I did that then I would not have landed in the ditch and the Lord reminded me that He wanted me to know that He cares and loves me.  So I stopped asking myself many questions because I said the devil might start ministering to me and I did not want that.  I forgot about the whole issue and went to work.  Where I was supposed to go and park at KICC there was no parking that day and I called a good friend from the Ministry of Education who told me to go and park my car in their compound and I found the favour of God because where he told me to park it is a place where people of high caliber in the Government and I saw the majesty of God in my life because he says those who will humble themselves he will lift them.  I have learnt now to thank God and praise Him at all times.  Even when am driving, washing utensils, walking in the streets and so on I praise God in my spirit and I always get victory in my Praises to my God in heaven.  Brethren, let us thank God in all situations and the peace of God shall be with us and we shall be victorious people all the time.  The devil is a liar he wants us always to be gloomy and sad!  God bless you!

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